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Study: how do placebos help against chronic back pain?

The treatment of people who suffer: the effect of sedatives against back pain back pain is the suffering of the people become. The cause of the discomfort is bad posture and lack of exercise are common. More and more people need to be treated because such pain. In the University Hospital in Essen now to an examination of whether and how placebos help about.

In Germany, more and more people are surgery because of back pain. However, there are enormous regional differences. (Photo:

Sometimes it is with a simple home remedies are not done in the past years, more and more patients in Germany due to back pain in medical treatment. Knowledge is usually recommended when discomfort is not excessive to protectit to the back through movement strengthening. To recommend also the heat in the form of a hot water bottle or hot bath usually. If the discomfort, however intense and/or chronic simple home remedies for back pain more often than not. Now it will be investigated what placebos can help.

More than 15 percent of the adult population suffer from chronic back pain, lasting more than three months. Now it will be investigated what placebos can help you against the discomfort. (Photo: one out of every seven adults suffers from chronic back pain about 15 percent of the adult population suffer from chronic back pain, lasting more than three months of tension. The reasons for this are many and varied.

In many patients, in, although various treatments do not relieve pain. Sometimes however, it can also lead to medication without the active ingredients to success.

As reported by scientists from the ISPA, Instituto Universitário in Lisbon last year in the journal “Pain“, that chronic low back pain with placebo reduce can.

Now researchers at the back Center want to study in the University Hospital in Essen, placebos can help you against the discomfort.

Why the illusion? It has long been known that the intake can cause the placebo to relieve chronic pain.

“This is, among other things, with the activation of the body’s pain relieving mechanisms of secretion of opiates in combination (“self-healing”), ” – said in a publication in the hospital.

Experts say the current evidence suggests that placebos work even if you are “open” which manages them (the so-called “open label placebo”).

Study participants searched for the target of the study is “the placebo effect in addition to the normal medications that are taken on your back pain development to the investigation.”

Still volunteers will be sought. The investigation, depending on the group of participants – in the three weeks placebo treatment or observation phase.

Taking prescribed medication will not be affected; the drug should remain unchanged are included.

Interested in back pain patients can obtain information about the number of 0201/723-2439. (M)

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