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A study shows why scratching and itching effect equipment

Scratching: itching is contagious like yawning when people start laughing at us often join. And also, yawning is contagious. Similarly, in the case of government. Researchers now know why you have to scratch yourself when you see others. With sympathy not a sign of what seems nothing.

In people with atopic dermatitis are often used relatively soon after the consumption of besstimmter food wise. (Photo: Astrid Justin/fotolia.Com)

Government is very contagious , it was because of fatigue or boredom: when we see someone boldly yawn, we can your yawn is hardly suppressed. According to experts, the emotional closeness that we feel towards the person plays an important role. Therefore, the yawning of the people to the much more contagious than strangers. Government is also contagious, but this is where empathy plays no role, the researchers now have found.

If you observe others, and how yellow, you have to itch themselves. With compassion, nothing to do, the researchers found now. (Photo: Astrid Justin/ any form of empathy “government is very contagious,” said Zhou-Feng Chen of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “Sometimes, suffice it to mention the itching and start scratching.” Why this is the case, has not been clearly established.

“Our experiences show that there is a predisposed behavior is a form of empathy,” says the author of the study in communication.

The researchers the results with mice, have achieved now in the journal “Science” published.

Experiments on mice, the team showed scientists, respectively, from a rat locked in a room with videos of different mouse that is scratching.

“Within a few seconds the mouse started in the pen, to scratch, also,” explained Chen.

“It was very surprising, because the mice are bad, look known. Do not use smell and touch to explore the environment, so we know whether the mouse will notice the video. Not only watched the video but can also detect that the mouse is scratching in it.”

The innate and instinctive behavior , the researchers found that a specific region of the brain when the scratching particularly active, which is also the fall asleep and awake to be controlled.

In this region was at the same time the distribution of material scientists in earlier work as one of the most important messengers transmit itch signals between the skin and the spinal cord have been identified.

“The mouse sees another mouse, scratches and then think you can scratch” Chen. But if the brain begins to send signals.

Therefore a form of empathy. The expert assumes that the power animals can not control the infection government. “Innate behavior instinct,” says Chen. (M)

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