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Peas, beans or lentils: healthy legumes and store in a glass container for longer

Healthy and tasty: legumes are the best in screw-in glass store the legumes in this country for a long time as a “poor food” something bad was mostly with the “old-fashioned” Eintoprezepten associated with it. But now they have become semi-new kitchen success. And that’s a good thing, because legumes are very healthy. Stored in a glass container.

According to health experts, plant protein is healthier than animal. Good vegetarian protein sources include lentils. (Photo: kriangphoto31/fotolia.Com)

The positive characteristics of legumes legumes lived in this country for a long time in the shade. Today, you bring many people with hearty home-cooked food such as bean soup or lentil soup in the contact. This reputation, however, to ignore the fruits of the positive characteristics of the sleeve. According to health experts, you should that obesity prevention against cancer and cardiovascular diseases helps. In addition, the study showed legumes prevention of diabetes can. In the case of stored-value food, some of the things that should be noted.

Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and Co is not only extremely delicious but also very healthy. Storage must be the best air-tight in a glass jar. (Photo: kriangphoto31/ is full of protein and important minerals there are a number of reasons why legumes are very healthy. They are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B and also the correct protein power.

Moreover, it affects the carbohydrate content as well as the included secondary plant substances useful in blood sugar and cholesterol values, according to the consumer service Bavaria on the site.

Here you go: “the largely indigestible oligosaccharides raffinose Stachyose can cause flatulence is the reason for the rejection legumes often. These carbohydrates but contribute to desirable intestinal bacteria to settle and therefore the health of the gut microbiome (the ugs. The intestinal flora) and developed.”

Through the right preparation however, you can often be enjoyed, without bloating the cause. Raw materials may be the consumption of legumes but not.

In a glass jar stored in a dark place of legumes such as peas, lentils, or lupines buys and consumes, in general, not all at once.

Consumer service therefore advises to look for when shopping to the expiration date. In addition to experts trick against pests, the Council of Europe:

As lentils, chickpeas, and Co are relatively vulnerable to pests, must be the best, not more than a year – in a screw-top glass stored, and thus air-tight, protection and ideally stored in the dark to be.

On the glass, it should be noted, as long as the content is preserved.

Experts still have to give more tip: “legumes washing with cold water in a bowl, on top of the race hill, it can be attacked by pests.” (M)

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