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Pharmacy Rossum exchange still with the mineral oil-carrying bread spreads

dm and Müller, to stop the sale of contaminated oil and spread the bread, Rossum not the consumer magazine “Öko-test” in a recent study found that there are many vegan bread spread with non-safe mineral oil that protects. Drugstore chains dm and Muller have taken the offending products from sale. In Rossum but it’s still in the show.

“Öko-test” was found on 17 out of 22 vegetarian bread spreads problematic mineral oil. Drugstore chains dm and Muller to remove the affected products from sale. Rossum refuses to sell stop. (Photo: Rangzen/fotolia.Com)

Mineral oils found in food for years, it is always about discoveries of mineral oil in food have been reported. Even made some last summer, notification of discovery of Petroleum in the Ferrero “that Kinder Riegel” in this round. Despite regular warnings on the health hazards caused by these substances, the situation is not a clear improvement: consumer magazine “Öko-test” since the current number of waiting vegan studied in the majority of products hazardous to health of mineral oils found. The article continues in part in the sales process.

“Öko-test” was found on 17 out of 22 vegetarian bread spreads problematic mineral oil. Drugstore chains dm and Muller to remove the affected products from sale. Rossum refuses to sell stop. (Photo: Rangzen/ – download the vegan bread spread, “they are diverse, available everywhere, and to taste not only the sandwich: sandwich spreads can also be used to identify the different dishes and sauces for serving,” writes the German consumer magazine “Öko-test” on the site.

“As for the calories, not many can compete with the liver sausage or good quality. Free of contaminants, they are, unfortunately, not always”, and more.

On the latter, the consumer protection organization foodwatch.

In 17 of the 22 products tested were problematic materials “Ökotest” in the current number of 22 vegetarian bread spreads studied in 17 of them the problematic oils found.

Four products contained hazardous aromatic mineral oils (MOAH) are suspected carcinogenic, mutagenic.

According to food Watch have the drugstore chains dm and Muller, according to the results of the sale of two-ended waiting at a stoplight. Be affected, therefore, the “dm life Pat tomato” and “bio premium gourmet Pate herbs” by Muller.

The “Ener life of sweet pepper chili pie”, a drugstore chain Rossum and “Tartex bread and tomato” from the manufacturer, Allos, both of which were loaded MOAH, still on the shelf. The company treated the sale of stop.

Carcinogenic, mutagenic according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in the bread spreads proven aromatic mineral oils (MOAH) under suspicion, carcinogenic and mutagenic to be.

Also the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) stated that no detectable migration of MOAH should be on the food.

Drugstore chain Rossum has not stopped selling oil laden bread aufstrichs anyway. As the company explained that, foodwatch, do not share the assessment of the health risks of Petroleum-contaminated food.

Manufacturer, Allos has not taken the product for sale. I’ve changed the books the food police watch.

Consumer protection should not be in the estimation of manufacturers of mineral oils in different ways in food, for example in the production of used oils or waste gases from industry and transport. A frequent source of waste paper packaging also.

In the case of spreads used in fat can be the cause of the swelling. As dm writes in response to food watch: “we currently expect that the oil inventory is leads parts at the time of production using a batch of organic coconut oil at home.”

Foodwatch called upon the company to withdraw the affected products from the market. This alone is not enough, but:

“Consumer protection should not be the manufacturers and traders left to the federal government, the European Union must finally impose safe limits on mineral oil!”, The consumer protection organization. (M)

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