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Men in the south-west of Germany suffer much less often from lung cancer

Men in Baden-Württemberg, suffer less often from lung cancer lung cancer, according to health experts still underestimated. Because most diseases associated with tobacco use is noted how important it is to give up smoking. This is useful, shows also on the basis of figures from the current report of the Cancer Registry in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. In the south-west of the Republic of fewer men smoking than the national average and they suffer less often from lung cancer.

Scientific studies show that can be reduced through regular screening is the mortality rate of lung cancer significantly. (Photo: Nonwarit/fotolia.Com)

Lung cancer is the most common cancer death in life expectancy with cancer in Europe is far from existing. But still dies about every fourth person in the European Union, of cancer. Lung cancer is the most common cancercause of death in Europe. This disease is also dangerous because it is often detected late, because the symptoms of lung cancer are often not noticed. Experts believe that approximately 85 percent of the diseases associated with the consumption of tobacco. This also explains why the men in Baden-Württemberg, suffer less often from lung cancer.

Men in Baden-Württemberg, to a great extent less frequently from lung cancer than the national average. In the south-west, men smoke much less than in the rest of the Republic. (Photo: Nonwarit / some types of cancer, most diagnoses are responsible for a new report from the Cancer Registry of Baden-Württemberg appeared: in the diagnosis years 2012/2013 new cancer cases to more than 90 percent of the almost completely recorded.

PD Dr. Volker Arndt of the center the German Cancer Research (DKFZ) head of the epidemiological Cancer Registry, said in a letterto the new cancer cases in Baden-Wurttemberg it is striking:

“On the whole, the results of the Baden-Wurttemberg is the same data at the national level. Also in the south-west of the three types of cancer in both sexes for half of all diagnoses in charge.”

For men, making prostate cancer 25 percent of colon cancer increased by 14 percent and lung cancer, twelve percent of all new cancer cases of. Women, breast cancer is 38 percent of all new cases of the most common, followed by colorectal cancer with twelve lung cancer, with seven per cent.

Baden-Württemberg are less likely to smoke , however, reported a team of Arndt, which is a clear deviation from the general German results: Men in Baden-Württemberg, are much less often in cancer of the lung in the “Ländle”, and 11.5 percent of all malignant diseases of the mind.

In the federal section versus 13.7 percent. This is in accordance with the smoking: only 26.9 per cent of Baden-Württemberg smokers in other states, up to 35 percent of men smoke. Expert refer to data from the Atlas of tobacco in the year 2015.

In the late of the consequences of smoking are also the reason that the lung cancer mortality rate of women in Germany had committed is.

Preventable diseases , nearly one-third of all cancer cases worldwide are preventable. The cancer risk can be significantly reduced. When it comes to measures for the Prevention of cancer , particularly in the fight against smoking is allowed.

“Currently more than 72,000 cases of cancer are the result of a year in Germany on the smoking. Not only for lung cancer is tobacco use a risk factor as tumors of the pharynx and larynx, esophagus and intestine or in the lower urinary tract to develop, ” reported by the Centre for Cancer Registry data (ZfKD) at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) in the past year on the site.

In addition to quitting smoking, there are other ways to reduce personal cancer risk: regular exercise, a healthy, balanced diet, avoid becoming overweight and limit alcohol consumption. (M)

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