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Medziner: “avocado hand”: popular fruit green, often with unknown health risks

At the core hurting more and more patients with hot water burn, fresh gebohnerten soil slip or a finger cut, when you are the Onion Field risk known to everyone likely to be. But why is everything, the avocado is to increase the risk of injury, is likely to know at least. When cutting the drilling would hurt “more and more people acute”, says the vice-president of the British Association for surgery of the hand, Simon Eccles. Although the consumption of green fruit increased rapidly in recent years, knowledge is still only the least, like fruit are all and accident free widget, that is why doctors in the clinic, this type of wounds as “avocado” hand to refer to.

In Italy it has gone to a young woman in medical treatment, because it is bleeding on hands and face again and again without a wound. The doctor noted that the patient is suffering from a very rare disease. (Photo: pingpao/fotolia.Com)

Avocado has long enjoyed a growing popularity. Fat-rich fruit and eat bread, as the main component for beans or used in juice to drink. Fresh avocado is not only extremely delicious but also very healthy. In addition to plant health, fat the fruit contains many vitamins and minerals and plant material and the secondary. According to studies, avocados can help lower cholesterol and are good for blood formation. In addition to the health benefits and risks – at least in the case of incorrect handling of the fruit but the risk.

(Photo: pingpao/fotolia.Com)

The vice-president of the British Association for surgery of the hand, compared with the “Times” explains the rise in consumption to a “consequent increase in injuries”. Many do not know how to cut an avocado properly.

Even cut the avocado properly

His colleague Simon Eccles, who is in London, specialist in plastic surgery says. In just one week, the doctor had to take care of all four patients, the fruit when cut open the green hand cut and may host. Therefore, the Doctors Clinic call internally the injuries as “avocado hand”.

With a note that the doctors want to raise awareness of the dangers. “People don’t expect when you buy that avocado can be very mature and have almost no idea on dealing with” the doctor says. For this reason, both the “warnings explicit arguments”, in order to reduce injuries. Should appear on the label stuck to the fruit type of the graph to handle, call on the doctors. The consumer must be warned of the risk, if you remove the core from the fruit.

Not just the right cut and wash! To the experts of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (United States) on your website to explain, should the avocado be before cooking, always wash them.

In the fruits are best cleaned with cold or lukewarm water lightly scrubbed. Because hubbeligen shell of the fruit, bacteria, and pesticides that can be accessed when you cut with the knife in the flesh of the fruit. Fun. (sb)

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