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Healthy development: immediately after birth, often with the baby talk

Parents should be directly after the birth of your baby talk , although the infants could still be nothing with words to start, however, parents should be early with your children talking. According to experts, this helps in improving the growth of the child. Best of the face is the face contact.

Parents should talk soon after the birth of your child. This promotes the growth of the child. (Photograph: Photographee.EU/fotolia.Com)

Early influences on the development of the language of the past, it was natural that adults with infants mostly in the language of baby talk. But today, you know: “Dutzi Dutzi” or “Bobby” to make a harm to the child’s language. The future of the language will understand even before birth, be affected by, for example, in the womb of a mother I heard. And the little ones will remember clearly for a long time. Even in the songs of the mother’s abdomen to remember how Austrian researchers found.

Parents should talk soon after the birth of your child. This promotes the growth of the child. (Photograph: Photographee.EU/ immediately after birth with the baby talk already immediately after birth, it is important that parents are with their child to talk – even if it is still on the language reacts. Professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ), has pointed out in a letter to the news agency dpa.

According to experts parents turn to the children in the control directly. Through face-to-face contact of the child with language directing the child’s attention to the words.

Adult conversations or the language of the TV will not cause this.

Communication and individual attention from about a year and a half to understand the small and then more and more. Children learn new words by parents point to something and name the object.

Through simple picture books, learning to speak can be promoted in it. According to experts, parents can encourage young people from the age of two years also with simple questions check.

Communication and individual attention are basically the best enhance the language – for example, in the form of a good-night story. (M)

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