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Natural health: every morning a glass of lukewarm water with lemon

Every morning after getting a glass of lukewarm water lemon water lemon is one of the most important natural healing fruits. It contains a lot of vitamin C enhances the diet more alkaline. The secret recipe of the morning lukewarm lemon stem. Health experts are sure to a glass of lukewarm water and lemon water helps in the morning to a good start in the day.

That starts in the morning with a cup of warm water with lemon juice, not only a good thing for your health, but also can reduce its weight. (Photo: dschraudolf/fotolia.Com)

Lemon water in the morning helps you to lose weight easier to lose weight, helps, right after waking up from sleep to. This can start already in bed, for example by moving the legs when cycling. Can help in weight reduction and also if you are in the morning cup of honey water because this is a more satiating effect. Health official as the Hollywood actress will start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon. This drink not only helps with weight loss, but also on the health of the well.

Who takes the morning after getting a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice, not only a good thing for your health. The company also helps to relieve weight. (Photo: dschraudolf/fotolia.Com)

The positive effect of the drink for centuries used lemon water combines the positive effect of warm water and lemon juice. Drink stimulates the digestion and helps with weight loss.

As treated liquid in the morning, the moisture storage which is emptied through the night slowly.

The lemon juice adds to the drink important nutrients, and vitamin C. In addition, the citric acid in the alkaline body slimming what more acidification and promotes the removal of toxins.

Indian Health Science of Ayurveda uses the positive effect of this simple to prepare drink for centuries. Today is lemon water, for example, home remedy for liver from toxins known.

Not too hot nor too cold to prepare a lemon water a liter of boiling water for a brief period. Subsequently, this cooling must, before the squeezed juice of half a lemon and slices of the other half will be added.

The water is still very hot, will destroy the healthy ingredients of lemon, such as potassium, calcium, vitamin C and pectin in the part. The water is too cold, this can put a strain on the digestive system.

In addition to the digestive tract of toxins effect of lemon water also have positive effects on the immune system, which can be attributed mainly to the vitamin C contained.

Water and lemon helps the immune system to enhance the effect due to the contained potassium has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Moreover, vitamin C promotes healing of wounds. Externally applied, lemon water can also be used in skin care. It is the bacteria that keeps the connective tissue, protects against free radicals, and in this way as an anti-tightens-aging factor.

Experts advise that a lot of vitamin C because this can kidney stones cause. This has also been shown in in the journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” study published. (M)

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