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Blood-sucking parasites: bed bugs are back in the hundreds of thousands of the bedrooms

Blood-sucking bed bugs in Germany, until some time ago was a blood-sucking bed bugs in Germany almost exterminated. In recent years, however, more and more cases are reported, so that real glut can be expected. Often travelers bring bed bugs from Asia or Eastern Europe to take home without them knowing it at all. The parasites then multiply rapidly. Lydia boom of the German Association of the lesions, the company stated that in the case of bed bugs-the risk, at the national level, the alarmingly increasing trend was observed. Many people do not know bed bugs. Only if there are symptoms, they are attentive.

Many bed bugs have developed resistance to insecticides to eliminate, therefore, difficult. (Image: Sebastian Kaulitzki/fotolia.Com)

In Berlin, the amount of vinegar according to the industry association, currently about 16 applications per week due to bugs in the apartments and hotel rooms. This represents a new peak in the capital means almost four times the numbers since 2007. As the name suggests, nest in the creepy insects, preferably in the family, where they hide during the day and at night Blood Eye be actively. Reddish-brown bed bugs are usually about half a centimeter long, but they can swell in the soaked condition.

Bed bugs love certain colors. Image: smuay – Fotolia

In the case of cash, but the bed saliva of vinegar in the wound, which usually leads to the occurrence of skin irritation in the region of the hole. At first glance arranged in a row of stitches of the bed seems to be back therefore often itchy rash on the skin. Government usually last for several days. In the case of an allergic reaction to the saliva, can also form a large area of skin infections.

Bed bugs as a holiday gift , bed bugs feel, according to a statement from the pest repeller anywhere where you have a warm place to sleep with the blood to absorb the find. This can also relate to the luxury hotels and villas. “Today we even had on-board a luxury cruise ship,” says Lydia Beaumont. Often the eggs of insects soles unnoticed under shoes or bags adhesive are offered. In this way, a lot of travelers bring with you from abroad. Therefore bed bugs are often a problem for the “rich and beautiful, because you’re so much on the go”, the management board of the Berlin Association of pest repeller, Mario Heising.

Industry experts, according to the sales also receive the support of the growing number of travelers from the holidays, facing a bedbug and don’t want to bring. In such cases, the case is frozen at the airport picked up eight deep, as the animals die at a temperature less than 18 degrees Celsius below zero. The traveler himself, the establishment is recommended of new clothes. Not only when returning from travel abroad, bed bugs can arrive in an unwelcome souvenir in the apartment, but not rarely, parasites brought in with used furniture or your control in the four walls, according to the Federal Association of the pest repeller.

Ignorance and shame, favour the spread of bed bugs to the spread of bed bugs in Germany explained Karolina Bauer-Dubau alive in the Berlin Tropical Institute for “dpa” with 32 applications for bed bugs in the year 2000 in the year 2013 No. 251 request for a visit was. Official statistics on the prevalence of bed bugs, I don’t, however, because there is no reporting requirement for the occurrence of parasites was. The renaissance of bedbugs, according to experts, the problem of ignorance, on the other hand, the content by the subject also with shame.

Bed bugs are often associated with the idea of lack of hygiene in the context of what it is today, however, completely unfounded. This means that many of those affected to wait until after the perpetrator was identified so long before you can get professional help. “This is often several weeks. The next generation is already trying,” said the biologist. Although there is in Germany even now no evidence of diseases transmitted by bed bugs, but be from South America it is known that this is in fact possible (for example, the transmission of Q fever from bed bugs). Theoretically, hepatitis B can be infected through the feces of animals to move, if this is in the hole on, Bauer-Dubau more.

Bed bugs seem to prefer certain colors. (Photograph: freshidea/fotolia.Com)

In the case of suspected bed bugs to call the building contact the show in the morning after waking up, itchy blisters, wheals on the skin, can be observed on the bedbugs to have. However, the small creepy insects can during the day, hardly to discover, since you cut in the bed, mattresses, columns, or even behind Picture Wallpaper, keep hidden. In the case of suspected bedbugs intensive search for parasites is worth it. With a flashlight and a magnifying glass, the animals can certainly be traced if you know where to look. Moreover, the time if there are signs of the parasites, close to watch the content of the lesions compared to prevent the further spread of bed bugs. (sb, fp)

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