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Headaches: Migraine Patients should regularly consume carbohydrates

Between migraine and irritable bowel syndrome genetic connection seems to exist. (Photo: Antonio Guillem/fotolia.Com)

Frequent headaches: people who suffer from migraine headaches you need carbohydrates and low in carbohydrates to take, is a particularly popular way that help you lose weight is that people with migraine do not recommend. On the contrary, the doctors indicate that the migraine should take patients regularly carbohydrates, to reduce the complaints.

The tenth German is affected almost one in ten German suffers from migraine headaches. Affected by the disease is literally put to work be. Typical are palpitations, beats, and unilateral headache. Often, other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and loss of appetite add. In addition to the many affected by noise and sensitive to light. Complaints are often treated with medication. But sometimes natural methods can help. An important role food plays.

Any person suffering from migraine should avoid on the low carb kind. According to health experts, patients who suffer from frequent headaches that regularly take carbohydrates. (Photo: Antonio Guillem/ migraine patients need regular carbohydrates so said the president of the German pain medicine, Dr. Gerhard Müller-sulphurization, in a letter to the news agency dpa that patients who suffer from frequent headaches regularly, carbohydrates you need to take.

On a low carb diet people who suffer from migraines should avoid, and so on. “Migraine patients the operations are very intensive and very quick information. As a result, it has a higher energy need,” the doctor said.

Patients who suffer from pain can improve the overall well-being through a diet high fiber. Especially a lot of fiber put in the vegetables and fruit. However, it should not be pureed, but fresh. “Fiber brushes the intestine. If the gut is working well regularly emptying feel better overall,” said Muller-sulphurization.

Complaints in a natural way to reduce there are various factors (triggers) that migraine can cause. It is known that the sudden stressand hormonal changes, strong emotions, or excessive stress and exhaustion, the discomfort can lead.

“It became clear that the common denominator between all the trigger factors, a sudden change in the normal rhythm of life is” written on the site of the pain clinic in Kiel. And also: “what factors, What are the mechanisms and circumstances of this change is to bring it seems less important.”

Experts advise not to worry, to resort to the drug. To be taken permanently leads to migraine pain relievers to more attacks. Such drugs should be a maximum of ten days per month taken.

Many patients can be the complaints Well – home remedies migraine headaches, get a grip. To connect to, among other things, the ordinary daily routine of adequate sleep, adequate exercise, relaxation and a balanced diet here. (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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