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Burdock root and effect and the application

The effect of the application of burdock root areas

The root of burdock (Bardanae radix) still bears many other names. Examples of Bardane, burdock, doll grass, Grindwurz Hickies, hair roots, Hedgehog necklace, glue the root of the burdock Thistle, wolfbane. Previously, the roots of the plant have been roasted which is a type of coffee prepared.

Barnacles grow on the edges like the original plant, for example, of the way. The roots of the plants are multi-purpose as a home remedy can be used. (PHOTO: Hans-Dieter Holtz/fotolia.Com)

Burdock in Europe, North America and northern Asia in the region. It grows in forests and along roadsides. From the root of the plant, “drug”, mark.

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The burdock root contains inulin (soluble dietary fiber) , essential oil, gum and materials and sulfurous materials caffeic acid derivatives.


The burdock root is considered a radical scavenger. It works as an anti-inflammatory, slightly diuretic and anti-bacterial. It is also considered a tonic for the liver and bile. Already in ancient Greece, the root of burdock has been used. Later, Hildegard of Bingen and also pastor Kneipp, this plant transformation. It was mainly a positive effect on hair loss , eczema, and very much appreciated.

Already the mention of the name “grinding the root” to be crystallized. Because the root of burdock has a positive effect in the case of crusted wounds, in the case of milk, scabs, ulcers, and psoriasis.

An external application such as burdock root oil

The root of the burdock of application areas. Oil has a positive effect on hair, skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. Purity and quality is very important.

Hair loss

Hair loss can have many different causes. These are known and you want to manage with simple home remedies, so the burdock root oil is the right choice. This is pre-warmed in the evening before bed and massage the scalp. A towel is wound, which enhances the effect and night bed linen protects. The burdock root oil increases the blood circulation. This is to stimulate hair growth. The result is not, of course, after one application. Everything should be done at least once a week over several weeks.

Barnacles grow on the edges like the original plant, for example, of the way. The roots of the plants are multi-purpose as a home remedy can be used. (PHOTO: Hans-Dieter Holtz/fotolia.Com)

Dry, damaged hair, split ends

In the case of dry and/or damaged hair and split ends, not the way expensive is necessary – here is the burdock root oil provides good services. Especially the ends of the hair are affected, you will be spoiled regularly with a pinch of burdock root oil. In the case of hair damaged or dry even twice a week to the states this year. This heated oil in the scalp and hair, massage it into the skin then a cloth tied it. Oil to soak for one to two hours or even all night. Tip subsequent wash: first little bit of the hair, massage product into the hair before hair wet. In this way, the oil dissolves the best.

Healthy eyelashes

Every woman wants healthy, full and curled lashes. However, I don’t want to grab any the same chemical Eyelash serum. The burdock root oil is good, mostly healthy, and also cost-effective alternative. Every night some of the oil with a brush to the eyelashes to the eyelashes of the application makes this supple, they are nurtured and get a beautiful shine. The oil can also be used on eyebrows applied. Also this will benefit them. Remember that this is necessary to ensure the purity of the oil, especially if this is used in the area of the eyes.

In the case of hair loss, burdock root oil is good for use product resources. (Photo: Africa Studio/fotolia.Com)

In the case of psoriasis

In the natural treatment of psoriasis of burdock root oil is not a fixed place. Sector on the scalp, so the procedure for hair loss – the oil warmed a little, massage the scalp throughout the night with a towel covering her. The rest of the body, the psoriasis can be rubbed directly with oil. Another possibility is with the oil over a large area to rub, to make this a little bit and rinse afterwards with lukewarm water, rinse the skin very gently dab. Especially if the battle is already cortisone treatment, skin care about this topic.

Insect bites

Insect bites can be a switch with a little bit of burdock root oil. This takes the inflammation to some extent relieve the itching.

Burdock root oil also works against inflammation in insect bites, and relieves itching. (Picture: Dalmatian.Q/fotolia.Com)

Milk try

The appearance of cradle cap, a little reminiscent of a dream which is not when cooking in the bottom of the pot attached. The babies affected mainly in the first two to three months of life. But older infants and young children can suffer from it. Milk try the challenge of greasy, yellowish in the skin can be seen especially on the head. The reason for this is still relatively unclear. Perhaps the hormones of the mother is “responsible”. It discusses that children who suffer from it, tend to later, more likely to be eczema or allergy to pollen. Solutions try to address the root of the burdock oil is good help. This high quality oil with a few drops of the affected area of the baby very gently rubbed. The protection of the bed is a tree recommend wool beanie.

The burdock root – app from the inside.

The burdock root is used internally in form of tea. This is used in purify the blood and to stimulate liver and gallbladder activity, rheumatism and gout. It also works as a diuretic, and detoxification. For this purpose, the approach is required: one and a half tablespoon of the root to be doused with half a liter of cold water. This should then pull approximately five hours. Then all boiled for one minute and then available.

Tea can also be used externally in the form of envelopes. The burdock root antibiotics, anti-and anti-inflammatory effect. So you can in a wide variety of skin problems such as eczema, boils, abscesses , and love to help. For this purpose, the affected areas are covered with Velcro wurzeltee dropped the cloth, and this is repeated several times a day. In the case of dandruff seborrhoea (excessive fat and skin) is the level of the skin with the tea the head. As already mentioned, has grown burdock root hair known. Instead of using oil you can massage the skin with the tea on the basis ofDo you think the head.

In the case of acne the antibacterial effect of burdock root are used. Fresh, slightly cooled tea with Watt, this survey is applied twice daily.

Delivery wurzeltee is suitable for internal use in various ailments and is often used to remove toxins. (Fig. deemwave/fotolia.Com)

Tea blend

The burdock root is used in physiotherapy in the context of detoxification applied. The following Teerezepte can be used.

Mix 1 tea Mugwort, ground ivy Vine, burdock root, golden rod herb, dandelion root and chicory root to be mixed in equal parts. On a large cup of teaspoon pour 250 ml of boiling water and after 10 minutes are available. Dosage: 3 cups a day over a period of four to six weeks.

Tea blend 2 this access is primarily to remove toxins from the liver and the liver, promote good. Nettle, dandelion root, milk thistle and burdock root can be mixed in equal parts, a teaspoon of that scalded with a quarter liter of boiling water and after nearly seven to eight minutes available. Also, this tea three times a drink a day over a period of four to six weeks. (sw)

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