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Study: eating at friends or restaurants, the effect on diet

In the restaurant or in the company of friends often be excessively eaten , many people try to reduce weight or maintain a healthy weight to maintain. Is there a difference if we were dining in the company? How do you feel when you eat at home or in a restaurant? The researchers found now that the meal has increased in a social environment (such as with friends or in a restaurant) the risk of eating too much.

Scientists from the Department of Health and community systems at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in the study of this food the results are known or in a restaurant, we often take a lot of food for us. Doctors presented the results of this study in the American Heart Association conference.

Makes a big difference to your diet, whether you eat at home or with friends or in restaurants. Diet goals can easily be met when you eat at home with your family. (Photo: pressmaster/fotolia.Com)

The monitoring of experts of the eating habits of 150 subjects when it comes to something the body weight loss, then you have to be careful where you eat. A recent study monitored the eating habits of 150 people. They use the app on your smart phone, in order to analyze the data of your nutrition throughout the day, the book explained. 90 percent of the volunteers are women. Each required to have five reports today about where they ate their food, and if a company. In addition, they had to provide information about when you break your diet, or the temptation came to do this, scientists add.

The food in the restaurant leads to an increased risk of diet is not observed , the probability of diet to adhere to, or a lot of food to consume, it was a meal in the restaurant at 60 percent. If people take your food, this was at 50 percent, explains Professor Laura Burke from the University of Pittsburgh. When participants were asked in a restaurant if you want more food or calorie rich food the risk of rejection of the diet is also at 60 percent. At work, this value amounted to about 40 percent.

The food is more healthy when we are at home cooking but what is this effect? The theory that you have more control on what you apply yourself at home. In addition, your family knows the goals of your diet and helps you, says the researchers. A 2014 study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition , has decided to prepare a dinner at home with the consumption of healthy foods connected. But there is an important caveat in this result, people are likely to consume these so-called snacks, if you are home alone.

The risk of diet does not comply with the time affects the time of day also has a strong effect on the likelihood of whether people in your diet break. Consumption of healthy snacks like nuts, vegetables and fruits may peak around lunch time. Sweet snacks tend to be consumed in the evening, shortly after 20 O’clock. These include food, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, explain the doctors.

What are the dietary goals were the test subjects? During the current study Burkina women’s team with a weight of less than 200 pounds of food daily goal of 1200 calories per day determined. In men who suffer from this weight, the objective of 1500 calories, experts say. In women with a weight of more than 200 million pounds, the target was at 1500 calories for men, the goal was to take no more than 1800 calories. 25 percent of total calories from fat allowable maximum, add the researchers.

Further research is needed the results of the study can help people affected diet a successful exit or a healthy weight and maintain. Further research to understand diet-flagging and avoiding weight gain (yo-yo effect) is critical in order to improve public health, says the author, Burke. (Km)

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