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Government: animal-assisted therapy is not of the best quality

The social court Duesseldorf refuse to approve a branch practice from Dusseldorf (Gore). The use of donkeys, rabbits or even cats in the context of animal-assisted therapy does not mean a qualitative improvement in the supply situation for young patients. This social court in Düsseldorf on Monday 15. May 2017, announced the government decided (AZ.: S 2 we 328/15). So I refused to child and Adolescent Psychiatry can obtain the consent of the branch practice.

The processor may hold a psychotherapist based in virus. I wanted to open a branch practice at about ten kilometers distance. There are animal-assisted interventions should be done””. To be able to mentally ill children and adolescents with psychological treatment to determine should the animals like a donkey, rabbits and cats in the treatment integrated.

(Photo: Caroline Schubbel/fotolia.Com)

Association revolving fund doctors, however, refuse permission to branch practice. There are in the region of the virus has no more than supply the requirements of the new practice.

Therapist said it should not be up to it. Because here you will speak with the animal-assisted intervention for the care of the insured.

However, this meeting of the court held otherwise. While dealing with animals can facilitate access to children and young people. There were also other similar treatments that work with symbols and language therapy elements that are available to the senses of the children. Alone because the animals the best quality of supply does not exist because every patient and every treatment is to create a situation individually.

It should not be assumed that some of the playful or symbolic access opening as part of the examination and the treatment was of better quality than others, so the social court in the now final judgment of 18. January of 2017. fle/mwo

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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