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Caution with fentanyl medicines: mother warns parents against the use of these analgesics

Or post pictures of on her deathbed her son again and again to die young as a result of the use of drugs and medicines. In the case of 22-year-old Michael Kent, an overdose of the painkiller fentanyl led to the death of the tea. Now the mother posted on Facebook a picture of the death-bed of her son in order to make its history to warn of the risks from this article.

In Canada, the committee is also very concerned about the unusual accumulation of noise dead from the sky before the fentanyl. In Vancouver, nine people died in one night at the pain reliever that is also used as a medicine. (Photo: designer491/fotolia.Com)

Strong analgesic and anesthetic Sherry Kent, the son of Michael, with only 22 years, from an overdose of fentanyl died. The active ingredient belongs to the opiates and comes in a lot of pain and anesthesia is used. It seems about a hundred times stronger than morphine and very fast, therefore, fentanyl is also used in emergency medicine. By increasing the dose or interaction with other substances, can lead to severe circulatory and respiratory disorders, as well as in the worst case, death.

Once in Canada, a young man from an overdose of fentanyl is dead, warn the mother with a haunting Facebook home prior to the dangers of drugs. (Photo: designer491/fotolia.Com)

On the fate of her son carefully, as published in the Shire of Kent is now a photo on Facebook, which shows the death of her son in a hospital bed. It is important to make it clear that this was not the drug problem: “Michael was a drug addict. He just has the error that cost him his life,” the mother said in your comment.

My son snoring fentanyl through the nose compared to the ‘CBC News’ reported, Michael was in the day before the overdose with his sister in the Canadian city of Kelowna on the road. The two met on the man had already met a few weeks earlier, Michael medicines. But after the insistence of his sister, and the young man refused the first. The next day, Michael, but changed his mind, he again met with the man and finally tried the drug in his presence, he consumes through the nose (“snorting”). The man said to him previously as “a very strong heroin,” said Sherry Kent.

Medical assistance came too late , well-known was the 22-year-old alone in a room with the toilet business. “About 20 minutes later, he was too scared to go back and look after my son. So I ran to the shop owners to open the door, and there they found him. His lips already blue. When the ambulance arrived had come, his heart already to a standstill,” said Michael’s mother to ‘CBC News’.

Tea came immediately transferred to the hospital, but help came too late. After a week of an overdose of fentanyl Michael died. Sherry I would be careful with the Facebook-mail and others from the risks arising from this article. “I just want to make all the epidemic of attention that takes place in every town and city in Canada daily 5-7 kills people. Is out of control and we can protect our children just in front of him, we warn you today against the dangers of drug use,” writes Kent on Facebook.

Naloxone neutralizes the effects of opiates on you son to this terrible tragedy and lost so now the other parents are aware of the fact that this fate happen to any can that is in contact with the material, the smell can be a mother.

Fentanyl is the “No. 1 killer” in Canada. In order to reduce the number of deaths due to water, you should that everyone can easily come in sets with the active ingredient naloxone. This medication of a group of opium liabilities, as a result of an overdose of fentanyl or other opiates can be reversed.

“I recommend it to everyone, users and friends or even take drugs to get one of these communities,” she said. “They give you the time you need to get medical help.” (nr)

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