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A short walk improves mental

Short and leisurely lead to improvement in mood many people suffer from stress and poor welfare. Not rarely affected professional help for the treatment looking. The researchers found that a leisurely stroll, just in a desk bound staff have succeeded in improving the welfare of the disabled thus, for example, depression can be prevented.

Scientists from the University of Connecticut in achieving a short walk only successful in maintaining personal well-being, such as regular jogging. The doctors published their findings in the journal “Journal of Health Psychology“.

Many people in today’s society to go to work where you sit all the time in the office. Every day sitting and lack of movement well-being and fitness negative. The doctors noted that there is already a slow and a short distance can lead to significant improvement in well-being. (Photo: Robert Kneschke/fotolia.Com)

In office work, people often go for a walk if people every day sitting at a desk working, drops this often, your well-being. However, slight physical activity seems to contribute to human well-being is improving, experts say. Comparable results with positive effects for exercises such as jogging or brisk walking.

Physical activity improves well-being researchers from the University of Connecticut found that physical activity in people a sense of well being improving. Different intensities of physical activity was more beneficial to some people. Light and moderate physical activity promotes in some people, clearly the shelves. However, there were no positive or negative relationship between high intensity of physical activity subjective well-being, the scientists say.

What’s moderate physical activity? Light physical activity were rated the equivalent of a leisurely walk without a noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate or sweating, explain the authors of the study. Moderate activity is equivalent to the fastest on foot of about 15 to 20 minutes, with an increase in breathing and heart rate and sweating. But he is still able to carry on a conversation. So-called strong activity synonymous with very fast and walking or jogging a mile in 13 minutes, researchers say. A noticeable increase in breathing and heart rate and sweating arise lead to the point where the affected parties were able to conduct a conversation.

The doctors examined more than 400 volunteers , the researchers examined in their study, 419 healthy adults in middle age. Themes for shopping on the hip to track physical activity over the four days. The participants had to a series of questionnaires about their daily life activity and general psychological well-being is complete.

Little activity is better than no activity at all the effect of physical activity on subjective well-being is very interesting. But how much activity is best people? As a general rule: any form of activity is better than nothing at all to do, and confirms the author Gregory Panza, from the University of Connecticut.

Mild or moderate intensity physical activity brings the greatest benefit we hope that this research will help people on the highest level of subjective well-being to determine the Explains the study’s author. People without any physical activity need to be informed about how even small physical exercise, well-being can improve. Physically person is the results of the study more promising, because they show that hard physical training in order to improve the well-being necessary. Instead, the current results show that mild or moderate intensity physical activity leads to greater improvement in well-being, the researchers explained.

All subjects reported an improvement in the welfare of connection between the different types of doses the intensity of physical activity on well-being is a very important step in the promotion of general physical activity. “I hope the study will lead to more inactive people can improve with the help of exercise to your physical well-being,” concluded the scientists. All the people who participated in the study from the University of Connecticut, for a positive change of general well-being increase in physical activity levels. (Km)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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