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The natural treatment of the Neanderthal

Already the Neanderthals know the healing effect of the treatment natural the upper jaw bone of a Neanderthal from El Sidrón in Spain, revealing: We have allied chewed dialogue, the source of aspirin.

Woolly rhinos and pain relievers new analyses show not only that the Neanderthal woolly rhino ate, but the pain killers and antibiotics treatment. This is evidenced by the device of dental plaque.

Primitive man broke the bone, maybe when big game hunting. (nicolasprimola/fotolia.Com)

The Neanderthal DNA, the scientists studied the DNA in the dental plaque from five Neanderthals from Spain, Belgium and Italy.

I present an analysis of the generation between 42.000 and 50, 000 years of dental plaque is the oldest ever to have been genetically analyzed.

All eaters that suggests that the Neanderthals, all of the eaters were. Neanderthal of the trade caveman ate mainly meat, what is already in the cave, found the bones of mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, reindeer and horses. referred to. He ate but also fungi such as dental plaque analysis confirmed.

Vegetarians with the law – but the primitive man from Spain ate mainly nuts, fungi, algae dialogue. The army also to the fungus.

Tooth abscess and parasites one of the Neanderthals of El Sidrón had a tooth abscess and internal parasites can cause diarrhea. This man treated the same.

Natural aspirin be Dental Stone showed a residue of dialogue, and this tree contains the analgesic salicylic acid, the natural component of aspirin. Natural antibiotics found in dental plaque, according to Detective Cooper, “40,000 years before the development of penicillin.”

Yarrow, chamomile, already in 2012, the researchers found Karen Hardy of the University of Barcelona found that 50,000 years ago that died on the Neanderthal yarrow chamomile may eat.

Conscious use of medicinal plants as these plants are not very nutritious and also taste the bitterness of suspected researchers that Neanderthals targeted treatment of disease recordings.

The first known rider, diseases of the Neanderthals to recruit researchers for a long time: 70,000 years to the great support of this type of primitive man, near distinct near Dusseldorf, Germany is suffering from a broken arm. Healed but the arm under the lower was a non-normal angle to the body.

Dangerous big game hunting Neanderthals skeletons show often torn in the shoulder area, as we have today, from rodeo riders to know the incidents with the bark and the horses. Researchers conclude that the hunting of large animals such as horses, the cheapest or the Bison we have relatives of high risk.

Healed fractures , however, it is proved that human is particularly strong. Most of the fractures are healed. Most researchers believe that the Neanderthals to deal with fractions.

Shamanism:the oldest form of Medicine some anthropologists suspect that human primitive application of shamanic techniques of healing, the oldest form of psychiatry.

Guide to medicinal plants in dental plaque appear furthermore to their medical knowledge about the magical thinking went.

Also not the placebo effect.

He died from Neanderthals to diseases? Neanderthal stands so close to us that Homo sapiens, with him blended, and today we are Neanderthal genes in the United States. This also made him susceptible to diseases brought by Homo sapiens when they migrated from Africa to Europe and Neanderthals met.

The disease reservoir Homo sapiens “humans from Africa migrated and possibly an important reservoir of Tropical Diseases,” says researcher Charlotte Houldcroft.

No defense against diseases, it also says: “for Neanderthal populations in Eurasia can be a confrontation with the tropical diseases, disaster may have been. Because the immune system may come with these diseases, previously never been in contact, they were more vulnerable.” (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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