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Natural in the Prevention of cancer: tomato usage effective against the growth of tumors of stomach cancer

Doctors to determine the health effects caused by the consumption of tomatoes in the battle against cancer, scientists are also in the nature of articles in the context of cancer treatment can be used. The researchers found that the extract from some varieties of tomatoes can inhibit the growth of stomach cancer.

Scientists at the research center of Oncology of Mercogliano noted in the study that tomatoes can be used an excerpt from southern Italian varieties, in the treatment of gastric cancer. Researchers published their findings in the journal “Journal of cellular physiology“.

Many people like to eat tomatoes. But not only the taste of the tomato seems to be the cause of consumption, but the researchers found that tomatoes can protect the places and even in front of stomach cancer. (Africa Studio/

Some tomato varieties inhibit the growth of stomach cancer the extract of two southern Italian varieties of tomato may be the growth of gastric cancer and control cancer prevent. Through this Tomato is not only to prevent can be improved, but the fruits can also be used to support the traditional treatments used, experts say.

Anti-tumor effect depends not only lycopene, along with the observed anti-tumor effect seems to be not with specific components such as lycopene linked, say the researchers. Tomatoes should rather be considered as a whole, the author says Daniela Barone of oncology research centre of Mercogliano.

The varieties San Marzano and Corbarino inhibit the growth of cancer , the experiments, analysis of lipid extracts of whole tomatoes on the ability to use different oncological characteristics of the tumor cell lines to fight. It has been shown in the current investigation, the To Tomatoes of the varieties San Marzano and Corbarino, the growth of what is called the reproduction behavior of malignant cells, inhibit, scientists say.

Tomato extract affects key processes within the cells , treating with extracts of whole tomatoes affected by major processes within the cells. As a result, the so-called immigration has impeded the ability of the cell cycle by modification of the retinal protein a specific cell cycle to stop the inhibitors, say the researchers. In the end it will be caused by this process, the cancer cell death through apoptosis.

Specific nutrients remedies can support our results provide further evaluate the possibility of using specific nutrients, say the authors. This applies not only to the Prevention of cancer, specific nutrients can also be used as a supportive strategy along with the traditional treatments used, add the experts.

What favors the development of stomach cancer stomach cancer is the fourth most common cancer worldwide and is associated with genetic causes, such as for example the so-called Helicobacter pylori infection and particular eating habits according to bring, such as the consumption of smoked foods and salted.

He studied until now only a few studies of the effects of the consumption of whole tomato and tomato consume and they are a staple in the Mediterranean diet. This kind of diet is said that you can reduce the risk of cancer, and the doctors. The current investigation analyzed the various tomato ingredients on their capacity for tumor growth in experimental systems. Until now there have been some studies that analyzed the effects of the tomato in its entirety, the authors explain. (Km)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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