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Attention: every 8 minutes a child is injured in these small-children-products

Bed linen and baby shells often lead to injuries in young children young children under three years of age was injured, often with the use of special bedding, strollers, carrycots and carry baskets. The researchers found that of nearly all eight minutes in the United States will hurt the baby by accident with these products.

Scientists from the Center for Injury Research and policy at the country children’s hospital found in a study in the United States each year about 66,000 injuries in young children through the use of, for example, stroller, baby dishes and load arise. Such injuries occur in the last few years. The experts published their findings in the journal “Pediatrics“.

There are many injuries in the use of special products for young children. Especially with the use of child seats and children’s bedding can occur in children, toddlers to accidents. (Photo: Christian Müller/fotolia.Com)

Every eight minutes an accident happens the doctors were surprised at the number of injuries due to the use of products for babies be the reason, explained Tracy Mehan of the country children’s hospital. Every eight minutes an accident the day before one of the family of products used frequently, the expert adds. Although there is also a growing awareness among parents of the symptoms, for example, in the case of concussion, says Mehan. However, there is no explanation for the increase in the number of accidents in young children.

The study analyzed data from emergency departments over the course of twenty years, in order to determine how many of the children in case of accidents with small children, the injured, the researchers examined data from emergency departments in the period between 1991 and 2011. American experts say that in those two decades, 1.391.844 injured children under 3 years of age through the use of products for young children. And even this high figure can be very least, adds Mehan. It is likely that this figure is even higher, since children do not progress at the time of injury in the emergency department.

What are the main causes of injuries? The main reason for the violations that have been identified are the products of small children and babies travelling. Most injuries occur when children fall off or that the product does not work properly, explains Mehan. The second most common reason for injury is the bed linen. This can for example lead to injuries if children get confused in it. Another reason injuries the mattress was. If mattresses beds are not the correct size cribs or children, the child can be placed on the face between the bed and the outer side of the bed. Young children are not always able to see their heads lifting and the doctor. The experts also recommend in the baby, and a stuffed animal or blanket to bed, while the baby sleeps.

Use cribs with manufacturing date after 2011 , the researchers also recommend that parents only managers should be used after the year 2011 has been prepared. As of this time in improved safety standards significantly.

In a child cups children always fasten your seat belt , make sure that your child is in the child’s cups always wear a seat belt is. If you leave a child seat or a so make sure these products are as low as possible to turn it off. Thus the shell or the basket can not fall off the table or fall over, experts explain.

To remember the products you purchased and paid another large problem is that the news of product recalls are often not directly to the parents, says Mehan. About 80 percent of recalled products do not suffer because the affected parents have not heard anything about tickets.

Inform yourself before you buy the product there is a huge number and type of products on the market. Before you obtain a new product, check it out on the basis of tests by the organization of the trust, what type of products are not recommended safe, says Mehan. (Km)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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