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Government: the manipulation of the child can justify escort to deal with

OLG Oldenburg: the father must deal under the care of children and supervision of the load enhances the separation of the father with the manipulation of children from conflict with the mother, can the right be restricted. Due to the manipulation in the result of the risk to the best interests of the child, that the order of the court regarding the father with his children only under the supervision of the youth welfare office, she decided the Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Oldenburg on Wednesday announced the note resolution (AZ.: 4 UF 5/17).

The court of Oldenburg have arranged in the event of the separation of the father may meet with eight and five years old and the mother of children who live only under the supervision of the network Office.

(Photo: S. Kobold/fotolia.Com)

The father thought, the arrangement of “accompanying therapy” illegal. He pointed to his good relationship with the children. His former partner took the children without his permission in Turkey. However, he was able to get the children in a familiar environment to Oldenburg.

The court of Appeal found the limit of the right of access, however, because of the imminent danger to the child’s welfare laws. Children need to be protected from manipulation from the father. This must be arrested upon their return from Turkey to explain to the authorities that they refuse contact with the mother. Also, you should claim the risk of reality, that the mother had left her alone and the pressure.

The father had repeatedly stated that he considered the German legal system. Therefore, the fear is that it will not accept the family court for the mother to take the custody decision of the OLG. Children also reported the credibility of the cooperation of the father. On this background, just bounce “come to deal with” eligible.

In accordance with this memorandum decision dated 17. January 2017, the father withdrew his appeal against the decision of the District Court. fle/mwo

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