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Education: specific rules to protect children from obesity

How do routine to the weight of our children? Many parents are aware of this problem for sure: the children want to stay in the evening still a bit awake as late as possible to go to bed. The researchers found now that the irregular bed times can help children to develop obesity in later life.

A new study suggests that obesity is about a quarter of cases of asthma in obese children. (Photo: kwanchaichaiudom/fotolia.Com)

Scientists at Ohio State University found in the investigation that the children have to go every night regularly in time to the bed. As a result, the risk in later life is the reduction of weight. The doctors published their findings in the journal “The International Journal of obesity“.

Overweight and obesity are bad for human health. The experts found that irregular sleep hours can lead in childhood to the victims of excess weight easier and fat development of obesity. (Photo: kwanchaichaiudom/fotolia.Com)

Procedures affect the subsequent weight of the for the study the researchers examined the habits of nearly 11,000 British children between the 2000 and the 2002 was born. Experts found a relationship between daily routines, emotions and weight. For example, it was found that eating meals at the same time every day, and less than half an hour of TV a day to help those affected later in life reduce the risk of obesity, the scientists explain in a press release.

Effect routine meals and the TV is checking the current study first investigated the potential link between routine early childhood and later overweight or obesity. In the investigation of the effects of three routine in the house was held three years ago in talk, researchers say. These included: a regular bedtime, regular meals and times in front of the TV less than an hour a day.

Children with low emotional regulation come in later more often with obesity each of the three test procedures clear and with emotional self-regulation is connected. This is considered a measurement of how easily the child is frustrated or over-react. Children with low emotional regulation suffered in later life, more obese, and doctors.

Irregular sleeping times of children increase the risk of obesity in the investigation, it was found that irregular bed times at school result in children at the age of eleven at an increased risk to develop obesity they have. We have noticed that children who suffer from more difficulties in regulating their emotions at the age of three years, more often suffered at the age of eleven years under the obesity, the author recommends Dr. Sarah Anderson of Ohio State University.

The investigation leads to a better understanding of how actions impact that “the current investigation allows us to understand better how the routines around sleep, meals, and television viewing habits on the regulation of emotions and behavior have an effect,” adds the expert added.

Researchers find more and more connections between obesity and lack of sleep sleep is an important year too for the kids the importance of sleep. There are many unknown factors, such as sleep can affect metabolism in recent years, researchers have found more and more connections between obesity and poor sleep. (Km)

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