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Frequent rip-off of people with dementia to coffee flights: 9600 euros supplements

Coffee trips do not die of the coffee ride such warnings of the products of the consumer in front of a rip-off. Once consumers that the sale of such events with some considerable pressure to buy products and increase prices. Years ago sometimes went so far that consumers were even imprisoned in the sale of premises which were often far away somewhere in the country.

The current case against the policy in the case, now, the Consumer Advice Centre in Bremen has been mentioned, is incredible. The consumer reported that her father had bought on the coffee journey organization “Claudia Travel Club”, based in Cloppenburg, is a food supplement with Q10 at the price of 2.566 euro. When you review the account statement I discovered that her father had already transferred € 9,600 Mr. R.. this last, in fact, in the consumer in the product by credit card € 1,500 deposit will have to be charged. Code of 5000 Euro is still, reflection or rotation, the son of the worst can be prevented.

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Her father is crazy, and therefore, of little. “This is immoral. The product does not benefit from the effort and get out of the consumer, the contradiction between power and price is clear, ” notes Annabel Oelmann, member of the board of the Consumer Advice Centre in Bremen. “It is outrageous, the way in which the inability of human from money, sewing tapped,” said Oelmann more.

The Consumer Advice Centre to show “we have a consumer police force to report, if necessary. Lawyer. The gap is punishable by law with such methods, no one should come through,” said Oelmann. “It is also important that seniors be careful of children or other family members, if you want to take your coffee journey. Definitely this tour can be fun, but our current case shows once again the risks,” explains Oelmann.

Information about Q10: Q10 is important in energy supply in the body and the immune system. It is the production of each of the human organism itself as well as with food such as meat, legumes and nuts. From the point of view of the Consumer Advice Centre in Bremen, the additional intake through food supplements is not necessary.

Questions about the subject of dietary supplements, nutrition department, Consumer Advice Centre in Bremen on Tuesday from 10 am to 13 pm and Thursday from 14 to 16 PM replied by calling (0421) 160 77-54. (Evening)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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