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Statistics: parents much longer than the life expectancy of children

Parents live longer than couples without children , a new study from Sweden shows that parents live longer than childless. However you can’t use the conclusion that children living extension works. The reason may be that mothers and fathers simply live healthier.

People get older , people get older and older. It was recently published a study that showed that the average life expectancy in western industrial countries up to the year 2030 to more than 90 years old, can rise. It is known that factors such as unhealthy diet has a negative effect, while a healthy lifestyle, increasing life expectancy can be. In a new study have shown that parenting is associated with longer life expectancy.

According to a new study from Sweden, parents live longer than childless. Parenting goes along particularly in the higher age with longer lifespan. (Photo: monkey business/ parents a longer life expectancy there are moments in a fathers and mothers in the busy times of your parents existence, remember: lack of sleep during the years of the child, nagging Quengeleien their small children, the confidence of the children in childhood the most stressful time of puberty.

Scientists from Sweden to all the teachers in the study, but now that parenthood is worth it, because it is associated with longer life expectancy, especially in the elderly.

As researchers from the Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University in the journal “Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health” report, the average increase in life expectancy up to the age of 60 years in the case of people with children compared with children of about two years.

Support for adult children “it is known that the mortality of parents is less than the disadvantaged. Support adult children of parents health and longevity of meaning,” write the study authors.

And further: “the goal of the study is the relationship between the child and the risk of death to assess and examine whether this association is increased in advanced age, and if health deteriorates and the need for support by one of the members of the family increased”.

To reach conclusions, the researchers studied the life time of a total of 1.4 million men and women who were born between 1911 and 1925 in Sweden.

The difference is in the advanced age is particularly evident , such as Agence France-Presse reported, was between the children and with young people as well as married and unmarried distinct.

The researchers found that individuals who have at least one child, lower risk of death, where men became completely away I saw the best of women.

“At the age of 60 years, the difference in life expectancy of two men and half women,” write the scientists.

And 80-year-old parents were able to hope, therefore, still seven years and eight months to life, while the amputation of their peers just remained seven years. For the same age of the mothers of nine and a half years it was still possible during the age of enjoy stayed within an average of eight years and eleven months.

Both marriage as well as married couples with children have the highest life expectancy on the lawns. According to the figures the difference in the case of age, living alone without children, however, men in particular.

Children is not a life-prolonging effect , the authors acknowledge that the study only different factors in relation to each other constant. It can not point to the conclusion that children seem to be life extending.

Information indicates that other factors also come into question. For example, you must think that parents have benefited from financial support from children in old age or healthy lifestyle in general as children.

As is researchers the results of previous studies, according to which the construction has a beneficial effect, it was alleged in the average age of the children can not be confirmed. (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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