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One of the hundreds of cases of patients who suffer from: prevalence of hepatitis

In Berlin is a hepatitis A epidemic broke out – already 100 cases of the disease in Berlin, and injured more people with hepatitis C virus. The reported infectious diseases , according to experts, currently, not only in the German capital broke, but internationally. However, there are ways to protect yourself.

Hepatitis A and B in Berlin, hepatitis C is present in Berlin can health professionals currently have a headache. Since the beginning of the epidemic in November 2016 in the capital are already 100 known cases, as of the latest Epidemiological Report of the week by the state Office of Health and Social Affairs (Lageso) appears. The current outbreak hits “especially men who have sex with men (MSM),” writes The Office. Experts point to the fact that you can protect yourself with a vaccination.

In Berlin, more and more people with hepatitis C virus infects. With vaccination you can protect yourself against infectious diseases. (Photo: Adam Gregor/ condoms do not provide safe protection according to Lageso of the 100 patients 91 men. 62 of them claimed to have sex with men. In 16 cases, the condition occurs after.

For comparison, the average of the past five years, compared with 22 diseases. In the past week alone, two new cases became known.

On the Lageso, points out that “the fact that the use of condoms does not provide complete protection against the sexual transmission of hepatitis A.”

However, there is a safe vaccine against hepatitis A.

The transmission of the disease through smear infection of the virus through contaminated drinking water and food, as in the case of hepatitis A outbreak in the United States by contaminated strawberries in the juices showed.

“The transmission occurs fecal-oral by contact or smear infection, both in the context of close personal contacts, for example in a kindergarten or in a common household or sexual contact, particularly among men who have sex with men (MSM),” writes Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI).

Inflammation of the liver caused most begin with flu-like symptoms with hepatitis depending on the virus type, different symptoms occur in the beginning of the show, however, is usually more general complaints such as fatigue, boredom, headache, loss of appetite, slight fever and vomiting.

Later more typical signs such as dark urine, lighter stools , and yellow eyes or skin (“jaundice”) are added.

Vaccination of risk groups recommended in the Lageso, indicates that it is a safe vaccination against hepatitis A gives according to the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) for the MSM is recommended. Also, nurses in hospitals and nursing homes should be vaccinated.

Chamber of Physicians of Berlin, writes on the website: “1. the time of vaccination, vaccination of individuals already within 2-4 weeks after the vaccination is already sufficiently protected. To ensure long-term protection, should be 2. The dose 6 to 18 months after 1. The dose to be administered.”

In Germany about 40 € cost of the vaccine is paid on high-risk patients in the provision of health insurance companies.

Club Gay City , according to experts, an outbreak of hepatitis A in Berlin epidemiological links to cases in other German and European cities.

In the capital of the “breakout team” of representatives of the RKI, the Lageso, as well as in District Health offices and specialized practices have been formed due to the sharp rise in cases of the international dimension of sexually transmitted diseases, according to the newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost”.

Since the Berlin club gay city, there is an increased risk that the locals and the tourists hit in the clubs. The RKI identified by the intensive survey of designers, the contacts, and doctor’s offices are the places where the transfer occurred.

As stated in the newspaper report, and include, among other things, the Berghain in Berlin’s Kit Kat Club in the mid to the institutions concerned. In the latter, at the beginning of May conducted its inflammation of the liver a. (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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