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Colorectal cancer prevention: not a lot of healthy foods hope

Colonoscopy is the best prevention of cancer: not only on the nutrition revolution colorectal cancer is one of Germany’s three most common types of cancer. A healthy lifestyle can prevent many diseases. Of particular importance, the nutrition is here. But this alone is not enough. The doctors indicate that the early detection exams are the best means of prevention.

Screening tests do not overlook the according to health experts, the colorectal cancer for men after prostate and lung cancer is the second most common in women after breast cancer is the second most common cause of death from cancer in Germany. The disease, you should follow a balanced diet and move a lot. But even people with a healthy lifestyle you should lose the most important tests of the eyes. Especially in families where bowel cancer has already occurred.

A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and a little meat contributes to the reduction of the risk of colorectal cancer. The best prevention is colonoscopy, however,. (Photo: karepa/ colonoscopy is the best form of prevention in the scientific investigations have shown that with an integrated diet, prevention of colon cancer can. Also, the daily consumption of nuts helps in natural protection from cancer in.

Frequent consumption of red meat is considered a risk factor for cancer of the colon and rectum. In contrast, the rare plant bowel cancer , a study from American researchers showed.

Who do you want to prevent cancer, you should not rely only on dietary recommendations warned the Professional Association of practicing gastroenterologists in Germany in a letter to the news agency dpa.

According to experts, the best prevention is still colonoscopy. In this study, a colonoscopy allows – settled polyps early and remove them. In the case of an ideal tumor then develops in the first place.

Early detection can save lives under the law of an insured person aged 50 years and above claim to an early test in the blood in stool is required.

56. Age will be paid by the fund for the colonoscopy. After ten years, patients can once again have a colonoscopy procedure.

Screening is especially important if in a family with bowel cancer issues. If early detection can save lives , because of a tumor in the colon or rectum grows slowly, and most affected for a long time without problems.

“In relatives of colorectal cancer patients increases the risk of becoming ill compared with the general population two to four times,” said a spokeswoman for the property of the gastrointestinal tract physicians Dr. Dagmar is Mainz in the message. “Just for the sake of these people, precautionary colonoscopy is highly recommended.”

A balanced diet and regular exercise , according to the digestive doctors to an unhealthy diet high in sugar and animal fats to cancer is valid.

It is desirable, therefore, in general, to follow a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, some fish, little meat and vegetable fats. By avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption of colon cancer can be reduced risk as well. And also regular exercise protects against cancer.

However, if symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation or blood in stool occurs, it should be first and foremost, the family doctor paid a visit to that program decided to digestive doctor to draw. (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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