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Homeopathy: myths and facts about Globuli

Details of the measurement, sugar beads with potentised dilution, and the spirit like a say in the matter – these are the basics of homeopathy. In popular notions, homeopathic remedies rank somewhere between the self-boiled sage tea, your daily horoscope, and aspirin.

Drugs, yes, but gently and without side effects, because they are good natural medicine, in contrast to the evil pharmaceutical industry, because homeopathy is holistic rather than just treating the symptoms. Such concepts prevalent wrong. The following common shows deals with some of the most common myths about homosexuality.

Table of contents

The placebo effect

“The placebo effect of homeopathy honor hurt it seems that the stars work with. It is, in fact, narcissistic, insulting, to leave a great posture healing and mundane medical and scientific facts rather than allowing. Yes the placebo effect can do amazing things, bending to the middle of the rest, and the symptoms change randomly. Particularly wealthy environment, “a comprehensive approach to wool”. That nothing else is responsible for this change, and this is difficult to accept.” Natalie G

Naturopathy includes a variety of different methods and procedures, such as, for example, water contact according to Sebastian Kneipp. (Photo: Jenny Sturm/fotolia.Com)

Myth 1: homeopathy is not naturopathy

Optimal linking buyer and seller of homeopathic remedies with natural medicine. Physical therapy in the narrow sense means to heal with resources that are synthetically produced. Natural treatment consists of medicinal plants or minerals, on the other hand, “forces of nature” such as heat, cold, water, or air. Hot baths, alternating showers, Kneipp treatments, herbal tea or saunas in this regard all natural methods of treatment – homeopathy.

Samuel Hahnemann the inventor of today’s homeopathy, suspected to be, a “spirit of like saying” the cause of diseases, and directed expressly against the “herbal medicine” of the time.

Anything that leads to a “mother tincture” is one of the symptoms of problems, can be used in the homeopathic treatment as a means of not only plants, but also the feces of a dog, a pig fetus or plutonium. Completion of the composition contains a mitigation, but in fact nothing of the source material.

The homeopathy-critic Norbert Aust of the term the disturbing: “all healing is connected with the fact that the effect on the patient which should be of something that is not effective. Not necessarily be the active agents, heat and influence the physical (massage), or discussions of the positive or negative effect known.

In homeopathy, which sees itself as a drug therapy, is not exactly. In the middle of the potencies of the active ingredient is present in barely measurable amounts of high potencies no more, despite the fact that these preparations allegedly more effective.”

Homeopathy according to him, not only healing to the doctrine of salvation: “homeopathy is a doctrine of salvation that assumes that the evaporation residues geschütteltem water to the sugar, given the effectiveness of this stems from the lack of the mother tincture. This, of course, I want to be like you: there’s no real medicine.”

Critic Natalie Grant, added: “physical therapy can exercise specific effects and is the basis of many of the regular medicines (such as penicillin, digitalis), homeopathy is nonsense of the times gone by, and nothing to do with the nature in a double sense.”

G writes: “the popularity of homeopathy is based on the serious misconception that it belongs to the natural. This is the error. Speaking of material, for example, from the source on the ingredients and method is described Of course. But in the preparations of these herbal ingredients are no longer because of the extreme dilution at all in it.”

Natural medicine comes from traditional experience Medicine in this tradition grew up because the agents of the same disease and again the same effect. Many synthetic medicines are not more of the materials from evidence-based medicine test herbal remedies.

Naturopathy is based on natural resources, physical resources and environment of the people. This includes physical effects include. Scientific methods to the healing effects for a long time.

Natural treatment is the lack of belief in spiritual forces that haunt this world around, to demons, angels or miracles. Samuel Hahnemann the treatment of the body in the material, the rejected material on conflict and the relationship between dose and drug effect, do not cover the disease is by a stronger similar disease, but disease fighting.

Sage tea on you but the neck pain rather than a larger neck pain trigger. If homeopaths refer to the natural healer, they contrast with your internal founding father.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy. (Photo: semevent/fotolia.Com)

Myth 2: Science is not anymore enough, to buy effect of homeopathic

Norbert writes Aust: “in every criticism of homeopathy, we can see in Hahnemann instead of the person who applied the methods of time, in order to reach new insights. He didn’t have the ability to recognize his mistakes, because of the falsification of a key scientific principle is not introduced until long after his death, in the theory of science”.

Homeopaths claim that “the information from the article” move to take care of such as a “spirit like force” in the solvent. This will save the ticket information.

A critic writes: “in the preparation of belladonna D30, starting material, diluted by solvent such as alcohol or lactose 30 times in a row. 24. Alleviate Belladonna-molecule in the solution, but should work anyway. This is similar to how when you throw in Würzburg, car key in the main then in Frankfurt, try to start with the main water in the car.”

Active compounds are characterized by the fact that they operate independently of the faith of the consumers: heroin as well as alcohol, aspirin, as well as sage tea.

>”Science” can be interpreted for a very long time, well, why not can give of Hahnemann believed mechanism of action. Memory in water and the spirit, like a strong wave, it will be necessary to the fifth basic physical force can be shared.

All physical theories, for example, electro-dynamics, quantum mechanics or the theory of relativity on the basis of only four fundamental forces.

Vince Ebert writes: “If there is actually a fifth fundamental force our world would be in a completely different way. Do you work according to completely different laws of nature that have also been observed in many other areas. And because this is not the case, does not exist, assume the mechanism of homeopathy.”

Natalie Grant adds: “the principle of similarity does not work. The similarity is the human way of thinking and perspective. Distortion does not know the nature. What people similar to, not a medical principle. As measurement is not a scientific standard.”

It behaves exactly the opposite: that Samuel Hahnemann was not far enough to the systematic methods of modern science – the science of today is much more than that.

Myth 3: homeopathy works, which studies have shown

“Studies” that serve as evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathy are either not statistically significant, is not editable methodologically weak, because without blinding, with a few participants, or don’t choose at all the effect, because you ask for it, and the extent of user satisfaction, especially with a homeopathic remedy is about real impact, nothing.

On the whole, came in 2009 to the following results: 1. Homeopathy offers no benefits compared to placebo 2. When patients success, 1 still 3. The National Health Service should not pay for homeopathy

No methodologically strong Studies a double-blind manner, many of the participants and good random show no effect placebo effect exceed. Already, early comprehensive investigations to condemn. Investigation into the ranks of the Reich Health Office (1936-1939) to just find the document homeopathy as “German medicine” evidence-based “Jewish medicine” was superior. But the result was devastating. The same goes for martinis. the test treatments didn’tThe furrow on the health between 1939 and 1955.

All of the above scientific studies indicate that homeopathic remedies have no effect beyond the placebo effect. (Photo: Richard Villalon/fotolia.Com)

Dagny Lüdemann concludes: “all of the previous studies have shown that the maximum relief on the basis of the average production according to the theories of the German Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. Century has no effect on health beyond the dummy drug (placebo) in it. Latest overview of a study commissioned by the Australian Health Authority-NHMRC 2015 after analyzing more than 1,800 homeopathic studies to result devastating: in any perception of the suffering of the homeopathic remedy may be recommended for treatment (here, the NHMRC report as a PDF file). Who should be in favor of homeopathy on traditional methods, even be in danger.”

The professor emeritus at the University of Exeter, Edzard Ernst, supplemented: “as always, we twist and turn, the present study demonstrated the ineffectiveness of homeopathy. Should be given I think this is not as able in more than 200 years. Therapists earn their living, says the opposite – maybe each of US has a right to his opinion, but not my own facts”.

Myth 4: homeopathy is a holistic

Who knew in 1946, a holistic view of health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The Faculty of Medicine sees the human as a solid, but an open system. Parts of this system are connected with each other and also in relationship with the system as a whole and to the outside world.

Contribute to disease and health factors to your person (mind and body), social environment (relationships, relatives, friends, co-workers, community, and society), and, therefore, as well as the Natural Environment (Water, Air, Earth, climate, weather, etc.), artificial environment (technology, science, etc.) Belief (philosophy, ethics, thought, religion…. Etc.). All of these factors are interrelated and faculty the means to take into account the interactions.

“Traditional” doctor’s study of the history of the disease. Asking about this, depending on the circumstances, in the case of high blood pressure see, for example, whether the patient is sufficiently under the suffering from excess weight,, alcoholic beverages and others. Also the social environment plays a role: is the person concerned in the workplace or in the family high in negative pressure, etc.? The doctor inquires about the General Health, Behavior Genetics, etc.

The school doctors are not only prescription medications, but also to take into account the history and circumstances of the disease, such as lack of exercise or a bad diet. (Photo: Fabio Balbi/fotolia.Com)

“The school doctors” don’t prescribe medications only. The patient with headache, the cause of tight shoulders, he is also a massage, or heat-a / interest rates. A patient with high blood pressure it is recommend a balanced diet or stress-related disorders relaxation exercises.

In the case of complex diseases with a psychological component, especially in the case of serious diseases, which puts additional pressure on the psyche like a cancer, often works a whole team: doctors, psychological and physical therapy, to neurology and physiotherapy. Each of them takes into account different factors and to agree on a set of different treatments on the cancer surgery and chemotherapy, the movement of the treatment are, for example, in the rehab clinic and a weekly meeting with a talk therapist.

Explanation of homeopathy, however, is not only wrong, but one reason: every disease, therefore, the same origin and is treated by the doctor retrieves one of the symptoms of the complex problems caused. If, and how, these symptoms appear after that, “occupied” the healing of the disease.

A critic writes: “want to be sick alone, by eliminating your symptoms to cure, silly! Diseases are not causes, this is exactly where science comes in the treatment in a meaningful way. “Experience the healing” and “perfect” is not a feature of homeopathy. Full scientific medicine, which is pejoratively called very fond of the “school of Medicine”, is based on the fact.”

“School of Medicine” is holistic if holistic means that the interaction of the different factors supposed to be involved in both the development of the disease how to treat him.

A critic writes: “the homeopathic method is based on the detection as much as possible a description of symptoms, not on diagnosis of diseases. This disease is causes it – just – disruption of the “life force” which manifests itself in symptoms, and – this is important – in terms of Origin, their root causes, is not at all questioned. “Holistic” in the sense that it is traded as a keyword, there can be a speech.”

Homeopathy is the opposite of the holistic examination and treatment of diseases – your explanation of mono-causal, which is dedicated exclusively to the symptoms.

What do you mean entirely? Reasons for different people, if symptoms weaken? Blank causal relationships to avoid them? The mechanisms of action, with honest methods, the meta-studies examine? Homeopathy is not comprehensive, but a religious concept, selling the mental codes – such as “holistic” like the blood of Jesus in the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

Myth 5: homeopathy goes to the root, the traditional symptoms only

Samuel Hahnemann wrote in the Organon: “you can now visualize a disease that does not remove it, apparently initiating or maintaining cause (causa occasionalis) is nothing else than the disease-signs, so […] it is also the only symptoms of which the disease demands to help the appropriate dosage and the same point can be. So, in a word, the totality of the symptoms the healing artist, the most important thing, yes just one, what is the course of every disease to detect, and through his art to increase until the disease is cured, health makeover.”

Countless number of diseases evidence-based medicine, therefore, because you know their cause. This also applies to the Prevention of diseases. Hahnemann denied the cause of the infection by bacteria and viruses, was disturbed life energy on the trigger.

Knowledge about viruses and bacteria, as well as counter enable, for example, vaccination programs through many of the diseases that can be eliminated. (Photo: blue design/fotolia.Com)

And treatment of the cause is led, for example, that the development programmes of the former scourges of humanity such as smallpox , plague, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and even rabies today in many parts of the world is no longer an issue.

Even deficiency diseases can be very well to treat, because the cause is known is that n/rachitis.php” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>rickets , as a result of vitamin D deficiency is today in industrialized countries is hardly a problem.

Without knowing the cause of the disease such as a tumor, poisoning by fungi, parasites nervous system or disorder, that this “medical school” is not in every relationship.

Even while the “school of Medicine” don’t “treat the symptoms”, that is, by definition, the basis of homeopathy. Hahnemann observed symptoms of diseases, means that cause similar symptoms artificially.

Said diseases with the spirit of such forces “life energy” so esoteric fantasies that are not based in reality. These links do not depend on homeopathy the cause of diseases: Hahnemann and his followers to the systematic search for the causes of diseases.

Myth 6: “understanding” indicates that pellets of the law

Samuel Hahnemann believed that artificial triggering of the “larger disease” may interfere with the same symptoms of the original disease. This stirring the pellets then stop the disease cured. Therefore, the range in the case of homeopathic remedies in a “first understanding”, that is to say, the symptoms were worse.

This presentation explains the purported effects of homeopathic remedies. Infectious diseases usually run with regression to the mean: the campaign begins and then rapidly rises and falls again.

So-called initial exacerbation of shows for a lot of homeopathy-believers the impact of corpuscles. (Picture: Klaus Eppele/fotolia.Com)

If someone, for example, in the case of the flu at the beginning of the corpuscles takes a step, of course, the symptoms (as well as without pellets), and then fall down. Someone will take the sugar pills and symptoms (as well as without pellets), about homeopathy-believers the same effect. The symptoms are still the same (as without the pellets), the optimal, according to Hahnemann, other pellets that work. Then at the stage of the symptoms (as well as without pellets), which again speaks about the impact of the medium.

In other words: so that the symptoms of the disease and generally improve, only stay the same or get worse, is in the eyes of the user, in any case, the effect of the corpuscles proved. It is classic self-deception.

The idea of the initial “degradation” patients can have serious consequences, if serious diseases.

An individual reported Open: “I was visiting my wife two years prior to the request due to the allergy asthma doctor homeopathy, because it would be nice to be on this bad of cortisol think. I complied with the request. Doctor made a medical history of circulation of the ball to a plastic spoon with a note that I need to make any more, because of the Lord.

I followed the instructions and took according to the instructions of the corpuscles. At night I almost choked to an asthma attack. Only through the correct medications and emergency spray (salbutamol) and cortisone spray, I’m still alive. It was then homeopathy is dead to me. When my wife went to see a doctor at some point, wondered, why I’m not going back. She spoke of an asthma attack. Then he went to the doctor a little bit of understanding. He explained to me, but never about it, also I would like to be now because of the initial exacerbation of the dead.”

Myth 7: homeopathy is a modern treatment

Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is based on the belief in the spiritual power in this matter – thus the fiction of “information” in the money. The idea of treating similar with similar, it was assumed the distribution of the teaching of the Middle Ages, according to which the mistletoe conflict is not helped as they fell from the tree, and belladonna were supposed to help against rabies, because all of The “did great.”

Hahnemann believed in astrology and the esoteric, the mystical forces that were wandering invisible in existence. His view of the world came from antiquity and the Middle Ages, it was religiously influenced. Homeopathy is based on a vertical view of the world, in heaven as on Earth naturally in the human body, everything from where the hierarchical measurement is connected.

This way of thinking with the current knowledge about the organization of the brain an excellent explanation: quick associative thinking of constantly forming the patterns which we orient ourselves in the environment. This is familiar to you and to the storage patterns of a normal relationship mechanisms work out of people something.

Our associative thinking combines Belladonna, rabies, mistletoe and conflict and forget that sense of the word, a figment of the imagination. Hahnemann and his disciples, not “alternative”, but by the scientific accidental picture of the world at a time when people believed that the Earth was flat, the unicorn really exist represented.

Homeopathy is in contradiction to evolution in biology, thermal dynamics in Physics, in contrast to chemistry, in particular, in contrast to the scientific and modern knowledge of the human body.

Myth 8: so I made the trade, that the corpuscles show

Homeopathy supporters refer to them in discussions about their own experiences, usually when studies find no evidence that homeopathic remedies work through the placebo effect, in addition to historians from the traditional assumptions behind the Hahnemann building, discussion, or natural scientists that the supposed mechanism of action of homeopathy is not scientifically exist.

Individual “experience” is a knockout argument, to be more precise, any argument. Similarly, can report from his experience of God that showed him that God exists and no one else can make this trade in conflict because it was you.

Reference to own experience in discussions dishonest, because no one else can achieve. Sharif also means that such statements are not scientific.

On the other hand, the experience of at least deceptive, if that’s a testament to the effect of anything at all. That experience means that I you are sick you are in good health, it says nothing about the effect of Kiryat what didn’t factors that also provide explanations sufficient to be taken into account.

That homeopathic remedies work on the self, is the argument the actual effectiveness. (Photo: Sonja Birkelbach/fotolia.Com)

Here after the talk covers acquainted with Hahnemann by modern thinking. The basis of Hahnemannian homeopathy is an example of a false conclusion from my own experience almost. He was sick, after taking cinchona bark, which was at that time as now, a remedy against malaria. He considered that the symptoms were identical with malaria and concluded that the funds that will lead to similar symptoms of the treatment against the disease.

Today we know that the symptoms that developed, first came from China bark, and secondly, not with those of malaria agreed. Had setbacks, for example, no fever. Even if the symptoms of non-compensation, there are a myriad of reasons that can lead to similar symptoms, because the human body has only a limited repertoire of such expressions.

Michael Hohner writes on “in general, new discoveries start by saying that someone is suspicious. But science does not begin precisely at this stage, stop with the “For me didn’t work”. If you would like to know whether it is really your optimal mixture implementation by the control, then you need to make a systematic review, as described above. This is what you do just because you can be fooled very easily even people “in any tale to tell” (because they only do it until now). Clinical trials the ultimate protection against human fallibility.”

To myth 9: homeopathy chemically explained, is to consider how to The words “I love you” scientifically

He has written the homeopathic supporters against critics who refer to the randomized studies that have shown that homeopathic remedies have no effect beyond the placebo effect.

Without it, he confirmed the position of critics by claiming that homeopathy works placebo. The words “I love you,” to strike the child on the dose and generally say a patient “we will take care of you” is in fact crystal clear placebo effects.

Placebo effects refer to positive mental and physical reactions that are not due to the chemical effectiveness of the drug, but on the psychological-social treatment.

Now homeopaths claim but a completely different mechanism of action. According to them, the pellets serve not as a fake, to screen drugs with a symbolic meaning, but because of the alleged technical.

The effect of homeopathy is in fact similar to the explain how the phrase “I love you”. Especially the sick child accommodates to my mom give him a foul, if the child is bad.

Placebos, in other words, self-suggestion, direct impact on neurotransmitters and hormones and does not change the functioning of the brain, while Hahnemann believed mechanisms of action exist and Unsolved Mysteries, but on The, based on increased understanding.

Myth 10: Globuli work with children and animals, so there are no placebos

Placebos work through psycho-social care in dogs and children are stronger than adults. From “worried” to learn that parents and Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen to worry about.

The intuitive link between young children and their mothers are extremely powerful. The child discovers the subtle signals and reacts to them – which is essential for life. The mother and the child feel, to be the right thing to do, two, it’s fine.

Natalie G writes: “homeopathy is particularly adept in the use of these two mechanisms. They are trading on the one hand, the active ingredient loose disk this is often with a ritual of affection, empathy, and good experiences. The pellets thus meaning “I’ll give you relief, dear,” and without that this is necessarily put into words.”

Homeopathy is specifically aligned to the medical, Kiryat increase in this regard, the effect of “I’ll help you”. The mother and child to expect that the ball effect and the placebo effect is running.

Dogs and cats are very beautiful antennae on the participation of the owner, the dog may feel, for example, the “owner” of an epileptic seizure before he realizes something. The dog can smell anxiety and other mood and react strongly when someone talks to them. “Suffering” sector of the pet calm and the weather is very important.

The placebo effect, for example in the case of the dog because of the intensity of devotion pregnant, often better than adults. (Photo: Wolfilser/fotolia.Com)

In addition, animals can’t talk since primary homeopathy necklace of your favorite pellets to be administered, you will be convinced of the positive effects the interpretation of the behavior of the animal accordingly. Whether video is really sad or joy, is an open question. These animals have excellent self-healing and that the holder looks in fact only a very natural process, when complaints abate.

Myth 11: the pellets may not work as it is fake, can damage, but also

Norbert writes Aust: “it seems that children must work like clockwork in the table, the daily intake of granules organization. You see, to the delight of the homeopathic industry “diseases” and “disorders”, which would see any official conventional physicians as a treatment can of the disease”.

According to grams, pellets “do not give-believing parents, other corpuscles when the first chapter”. Healing disease unit twice the complaints of the mother of the child, coupled with the impact of corpuscles. And the next time you smell the game unfolds. Children learn, Aust of ritual magic based on: “nothing goes on easy and no special attention necessary treatment.”

This limits the self-confidence and can become a serious serious diseases. Instead of searching for effective ways to fight the cause, for example infection, try the believers by a ball to the other and miss even the precious time that the progress of the disease.

G says: “there are therapists who think you can cure chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma or even cancer, thus. This is not harmless, but is dangerous to the health of the patients when effective treatment is delayed.” Because the rituals of the faith, placebos don’t make it serious illness, although more likely, to the treatment but in general.

A critic writes: “the fake treatments can be very effective and there is no reason to apply this selectively. I’m doing this in the case of small aches and pains of my children (injury blow heat the onion in case of ear pain, etc.). With a firm belief of a better efficacy of homeopathic remedies, lack of confidence against other pharmaceuticals go hand-in-hand but unfortunately so often, which can be after that come the most powerful Nocebo effect. As long as the best therapeutic success of homeopathy cannot be scientifically, and there is a strong argument that pellets should be the best of the cross.”

Myth 12: a person who heals,

This statement is correct superficial. Doctor but also a shaman or medicine man who successfully cures the disease is more credible than the “healer”, her patients wasting away.

This does not absolve but by the systematic examination of why healing work. It does not diminish, for example, as a result of the shaman in all, if the Neuro-Sciences to identify methods of activating Self-Healing Forces of the body, and treatment of psychological function, but not to the work of spirits or demons to return.

If so, in homeopathy, the special relationship between the doctor and the patient’s psychological and social relationship, the belief in the influence of Globuli healing processes promoting homeopathy healers are still not right when he claims that the reason for the healing is the soul, such as strong.

To make the statement “He Who Heals is right”, you must exclude alternative causes of healing. This is when, as in the case of homeopathy is huge. Spontaneous recovery, regression to the middle or diseases, treatment in itself, can be attributed to the effect of the corpuscles; the normal curve between the rise and fall of symptoms in homeopathy I think of homeopathic remedies.

The previous practice of the current homeopathy-critic Natalie grams, for example, in the treatment of patients successfully, but today, it is clear that this success is not homeopathy was responsible.

The doctors of antiquity and the Middle Ages are often used by the right methods, but the interpretation wrong. Today we have ways to identify why your methods did not work, people were in their time. Who is right, explain today’s studies.

More than 100 scientific studies were not reliable proof of effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, beyond the placebo effect.

Myth 13: science can not explain everything, medicine is not just science

This is certainly an argument, because the Good Doctor is also always an “artist”. But this does not mean, conversely, to be able to say anything to evade any test. Then there would be no medicine, but religion.

Also in ancient cultures and societies outside of Europe, The-based on traditional knowledge. Traditional cultures did not acces than of modern natural science, they knew each other, but with conventional treatments of an excellent experience.

So, why, what does it mean traditional cultures, such as China bark, or sage, the indigenous people of the Americas medical smoking is proven benefits.

“Mental healing” of the shaman lore is also excellent, and. Today we can measure what hormones are messenger substances that are emitted from the body, or ritual magic such as mental training is the movements and procedures in the synapses of the anchor to be in the appropriate situation is available.

The claim that homeopathy stands outside the boundaries of (natural)scientific explanations of conscious or unconscious trick, because the “homeopathic” effects, in the meantime, excellent explanation, and are as self-suggestion.

If the pellets have no effect, then this can also be in random control procedures. (Photo: ra2 studioDay/fotolia.Com)

Myth 14: homeopathy is not a religion, but alternative medicine

Religion is a worldviews based on faith in transcendence, even unearthly, supernatural psychic powers. These forces can not scientifically prove, but intuitive and experienced individually.

Samuel Hahnemann was the mechanism of action of the mental powers in this matter. So he quoted a medieval idea that God had the universe, harmoniously arranged in the whole of Creation his spirit live.

This idea is completely religious. That carries on the concepts that disprove it scientifically as to a basic assumption of homeopathy is that this life force is the life energy in the body, we believe. Those who believe, despite scientific findings to come to quite different results, appending the debt.

Myth 15: the homeopathic medicines with the same procedures of the traditional medicine

Why not? If the pellets have no effect, then this effect in the random testing procedures. It’s not even a matter of how you look, but about the fact that it works. The effectiveness of paracetamol, for example, are not substantiated by the studies enough, even if we know exactly how it works.

The critic noted that “homeopathy is like my uncle doctor games for adults – you can get “real” drugs, “Real” pharmacies with “real” sounding name (even if it is like in the game in the end is always the same sugar pills) and to play the game you don’t need to discomfort the first to study the tons of rules of the game to save – no, to all of the game thinks he’s allowed to play – and if he wants my the rules of the game to invent. Any evidence on the meaning of the rules of the game I am. A. other players there would be no need to thought allowed is what you want.”

Natalie G writes: “water can store information. In the water you can’t write. If you do anyway you can’t read what is written. The idea of “molecule clusters” does not help: the key hydrogen bonds change in every second, 1 trillion times. Also, quantum physics does not help. Where nothing is, nothing can work.”

Myth 16: the optimal a non-commercial alternative to the greed of pharmaceutical companies

Natalie Grant discussed: “you will be such as to give the impression of the ball grow to Biobäumchen and the public give. This is not true! They are produced by pharmaceutical companies to make money. These companies benefit from the positive effect on actual fact sugar is the library beads. Journalists writing such articles, I find highly questionable.”

A critic writes: “Do you believe in the seriousness of the homeopathic pellets voluntarily produced by the voluntary homeopathy believers? All major manufacturers of corpuscles similar pseudo-medicine (both the argument, Weleda, and heel, etc.) is a member of the Federal Association of the pharmaceutical industry. The profit from the ball to the margins of manufacturers can dream of other manufacturers. Development cost = 0; cost of admission: less than 10, 000 euros; the risk of non-approval: practically equal to 0; the cost of materials: almost negligible because it is only sugar. Production costs: now Shake It, dilute it does not require complex machines, skilled staff. The only catch to this “money printing machine”: the world seen homeopathy plays a role in only a small margin the number of the faithful, and thus the total turnover is limited.”

2014 had a total sales of homeopathic remedies in pharmacies in the case of 528 million euros. Deutsche homeopathic-union with 500 employees and sales of 100 million euros per year. Therefore also to a large market such as “traditional” pharmaceutical industry, which also has the great advantage that the products are withdrawn from the examination procedures of homeopathic medicines, the pharmaceutical industry, pure and simple.

Cheaper patients, homeopathy is in any case. G explains: “homeopathic medicinal products in pharmacies the costs at the rate of 10,86 euro. The average price of real medicine is 7,75 euro. By the way: for homeopathic remedies manufacturer at no cost to R & D, What are the profit margins compared to often come “pharmaceutical industry” in undreamt-of heights likely to be paid.”

Generally the optimum number of patients who were treated more than in the “school of Medicine”: “a study of data from 44.550 patients to assess the performances: “the total costs in the homeopathy group after 18 months was the highest in the comparison group. If this applies to all diagnoses.” Homeopathic treatment of any amount as a result of the treatment, both physical as well as psychological issues: “in the months 1-3 of homeopathic patients 126,2 percent more diagnoses than the controls. The biggest difference between the associations found in psychiatric disorders (38.9 percent).”

Homeopathic remedies are made in the same way as other drugs by the pharmaceutical companies that make money. (Photo: neznamov1984/fotolia.Com)

Myth 17: that زibt controversy between Orthodox and homeopathic medicine

Table sounds scientific, and in fact, there are a number of opposing views in science. Since the theories and hypotheses of the different against each other one side you will find evidence on the hypothesis of other other.

The dispute is a disagreement on the height of the eyes. A typical Wall fell, for example, in the year 1860 between anatomy, Richard Owen, Charles Darwin and the followers of Thomas Henry Huxley. Owen claimed that the human differs by the hippocampus minor of the other primates, Huxley claimed, the brain of the monkey man himself in the temple. Investigations showed that Huxley was right. Thus the controversy was terminated.

How homeopathy? Natalie G refers to the following: “the optimal underlying disease models have emerged before the scientific age. Suppose forces, such as the “life force”, “vital energy”, “miasms”, “signs of the disease and effective” non-existent fantasy. The actual causes of diseases like bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer-causing agents, toxins, or deficiency symptoms (a hormone deficiency vitaminand mineral deficiencies), however, is not a reason for one to be accepted.”

About Hahnemann is the scaffold, there was the intention already in the 19th century. Century controversy within science. Cellular pathology and etiology have led Hahnemann in the “spirit-like force” and assumed mechanism of action to the point of absurdity – knowledge about viruses, bacteria, fungi and explained that diseases such as malaria, rabies, or influenza by agents from the outside, which refused to Hahnemann categorically.

Natalie G writes: “the separation of the effect of side effects possible. It can’t be explained, a material mixture, only the active material with respect to all other effective training material, but. It also can’t be explained, that the material is effective only of people desired effect is regarding the unwanted side effects but. How does the supplier know what we want?”

So there is no disagreement between the esoteric idea of the vital force and of the similarity principle on the one hand, and of the etiology of the body from diseases caused by a defect in the cell system explained, on the other hand.

On the contrary, the etiology can be classified these diseases and the modern medicine developed on this basis, the effectiveness of the drug.

As there is no dispute between Hahnemann’s idea to shake the powers of the dilute material “autumn”, modern pharmacology. The pharmacists can be calculated, in contrast to Hahnemann exactly what is the content of the substance in the medication that is exactly to explain how they work. As for the pain today in the precise dose to be administered.

As there is no dispute between the magical doctrine of signatures and contemporary research, as well as there is any disagreement between astrologers, daily horoscopes, create, and unmanned space exploration, or controversy between creation and who believe that God created the world in seven days the creation and development of science.

As there is no differences between “homeopathic basic research” and “Nature” Scientific. Although the different homeopathic schools, a new teacher to the homeopathic approach to the laws of nature it seems, but in order to remove the always more reliable hypotheses – scientific cardinal error.

Udo Endruscheit writes: “it would be very useful, especially if the press as soon as the teacher will not take that “balanced coverage” with “medical school” right and “homeopathic” on the left side of something. Equality and pluralism cannot only be between fact-based positions, otherwise we both would simply be phrases about nonsense.”

What’s left?

Natalie Grant include the following: “No, dear healers. The Earth was always the council. And homosexuality is always wrong in all the basic theory, basic assumptions. To buy it will be effective, means to make the earth to the disk, and not vice versa. I’d like to see that more homeopaths may have the openness to let the facts time really take. Criticism of homeopathy is not only allowed, it is necessary to be able to about the style of government really.”(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

Note: This article is technical contribution to the debate on the subject of optimal means both money as well as support space to present their positions allow. More contributions on the topic can be found here: homeopathy in users, popular, proven by studies!

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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