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Danger to life due to nitrogen oxides: tens of thousands of preventable deaths each year due to diesel exhaust

Annually approximately 38,000 deaths due to non-compliance with exhaust gas limit values for diesel engines die every year all over the world, more than 100, 000 people of oxides of nitrogen from diesel exhaust gases. Tens of thousands of deaths can be avoided if the prescribed limit values that must be complied with. But how, among other things, VW-exhaust gas scandal showed the cheating in this area a lot.

Fine dust exposure poses a health risk is the contamination of the environment with the high health risks associated, it is known since a long time. Just in the past year reported the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution in all parts of the world , more and more deaths. Already small fine dust amounts can be dangerous to be. Small molecules can be, among other things, respiratory damage, lung disease such as asthma and smoker’s lung is getting worse, or even heart attack or stroke why. The automotive industry contributes a significant share of the global air pollution.

The researchers calculated that in the world every year tens of thousands of people die not because of the diesel vehicles legal emission limits. The European Union is particularly affected. (Photo: Rasulov/fotolia.Com)

38,000 people died prematurely from high bill alone in the year 2015, 38000 people have died prematurely because of diesel vehicles legal exhaust gas limit value does not correspond to the “especially in the European Union, China and India”, – stated in the communiqué of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT).

11.400 of this mortality, and, consequently, to the European Union, an international team of researchers led by Dr. Susan Anenberg of the organization Environmental Health Analytics in Washington, in the journal “Nature” reported.

According to the data, the total number of deaths the amount of nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust gases, the ten largest automotive markets in the world in 107.600.

The manufacturer of the car trick exhaust gas values in the context of the study at the University of Colorado, Stockholm Environment Institute and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis participated, it was calculated that the diesel vehicles each year about 4.6 million tons of nitrogen oxides emit more than they, according to official data, the test, the manufacturer should.

According to scientists, the total emissions in the year 2015, 13.1 million tons. In strong sunlight, it is created from nitrogen oxides and ozone. The particles also contribute to fine particle pollution.

The revelations of 2015, as it became known that VW and other manufacturers took advantage of certain devices “to hide from the regulatory authorities which are diesel powered and emit a lot of nitrogen oxide, which helped to increase public awareness of the problem,” writes the ICCT.

Many of the diesel vehicles emit on the road more pollutants from the exhaust gas test bench. By the exhaust systems of gas measured directly in the field of road transport, can now be seen in a number of studies found, and added emissions.

Researchers focused on nitrogen oxides Anenberg and colleagues these findings and creating models of the spread of pollutants used, above the limit value of emission factors of ten largest markets for diesel cars to to estimate.

In these markets – Australia, Brazil, China, the EU 28 member states, India, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Russia, South Korea and the United States – which sold about 80 per cent of all diesel vehicles, reported the news agency dpa.

The experts focused in their studies on nitrogen oxides such as nitrogen oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Information in accordance with the five markets-Brazil, China, EU, India and the United States – 90 percent of the expense of additional emissions. Outstanding scientists in the model calculations of cars, trucks, and buses.

“Heavy oil – the largest trucks and buses, has contributed significantly to most of the increase of nitrogen oxides, i.e., to 76 percent,” says Josh Miller of the ICCT in Washington.

In the EU are diesel cars more widely only in the European Union, the situation is different because the diesel cars are significantly more used are: these vehicles cause in the EU countries is about 60 percent of the emissions of nitrogen oxides annually.

“Europe carries among the largest automotive markets, the largest health burden due to additional nitrogen oxide emissions,” said the ICCT expert co-author Ray Minjares.

Of 28.500 premature deaths caused by nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust gases in the European Union, about 11,400 therefore, in addition to emissions due to non-compliance with the emission limits.

The impact on the environment and the health of Benjamin Stephan of Greenpeace, described the study as “late”: “the data we so far in the debate, miss,” said the expert according to the peace agreement in Darfur.

According to his statement to conduct the investigation in a solid, there is more detailed information on the car categories and brands in the missing, however.

Through the study, can come up in the examination diesel exhaust-another scandal the focus. “Until now, The Cheat of car owners often focus on. It is now clear what is the volume of curiosity, what impact on the environment and people’s Health,” said Stephanie.

Final report of the commission of inquiry of the German parliament to the exhaust scandal, which will be released soon, however come to a different assessment. He says: “epidemiological cases, there is a connection between death and specific NO2 exposures, in the sense of sufficient causality is not proven.”

Different talk. Even Nino Künzli said: for example, from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (TPH) in Basel: “the combined effects of NO2, with other, ever-present pollutants was also investigated toxicologically barely, which is why it is not appropriate to refer to the NO2 in itself is harmless.” (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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