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A brain tumor due to cell phone radiation for the first time recognized in the court of the trigger.

Italian court leads the brain tumor to cell phone radiation cell phones cause cancer? While there are in fact scientific studies indicate that the radiation of the mobile phone, the risk for developing a brain tumor increased, however, not all experts are sure whether there is such a trend. The Italian case is now recognized tumor such as occupational disease much telefonierers.

Cell phone radiation as a risk factor for brain tumors , a special study “the University of Jacobs in Bremen” came years ago to the conclusion that mobile phone radiation promote cancer growth , at least in mice. In scientific studies, there was evidence to suggest that mobile phone radiation as a risk factor for brain tumors is. Many scientists doubt that there is such a contact. However, a court in Italy is now the tumor, occupational disease much telefonierers recognized.

In Italy, the court considered a brain tumor such as an occupational disease much telefonierers. Experts disagree about whether there is a connection between cell phone radiation and cancer. (Photo: Rido/Fotolia, com)

A relationship between cell phone use and cancer in Italy, the issue of the relationship between cell phone use and cancer is confirmed. According to a report from news agency dpa Roberto got Romeo who was working as a senior manager at a communications company, right, as he moved against the employer in court.

He had contact in his job for 15 years, several hours a day with the phone on the ear. Several years ago, a tumor was diagnosed. Since the process that the auditory nerve from the right ear had to be removed, the Italians in one ear deaf.

Next in the release confirmed the presence of a causal relationship between phone use and cancer. This Romeo can receive a monthly disability pension. Judgment is not yet final.

In the Italian media have been reported in connection with the process of a lot about the risks from electromagnetic waves. Titles such as “mobile phone raises cancer” appeared on the.

Among the experts for the expert, however, is a matter of debate whether cell phone radiation damage to health. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned in the past by electromagnetic high-frequency radiation that is used in portable radios.

The Dutch Health Council reported in the study of any of this crop to the risk of seems.

According to Dutch scientists after evaluation of all the studies are generally “highly unlikely” to electromagnetic fields high frequency of mobile phone contacts that can lead to the development of cancer or strengthen.

Also, a study conducted by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) reported that there are within the valid limits no evidence of adverse effects from mobile phone contacts.

A spokesman for the BfS, said, according to dpa: “recent studies, there is currently no indication of a connection between cell phone radiation and cancer on the other side.”

The war on the use of mobile phones recommended by the Austrian “German Advisory Council on radio” (WBF) in the past many scientific works on the theme of Assessment writes: “from the epidemiological point of view cannot be currently backed up and the final statement on mobile technology in terms of risk or non-cancer risk will be.”

And also: “because of the uncertainty of the so far available results of studies on the relationship between mobile phone use and cancer care mobile phones still Disease recommended to a large number of high quality studies and the final assessment of the potential risks allowed.”

“Every individual can reduce his exposure by relatively simple safety measures,” said a spokeswoman for the BfS in the dpa report.

Possible measures: fixed instead of mobile phone and write text messages rather than make phone calls or use the headset, so that the distance from the device to the head and body larger. “In order to reduce the absorption of radiation in every inch helps.”

Itching can also happen in Germany , though there is no uniform results can be long-term effects can be made legal in Italy, however, their conclusions. News agency dpa the question of whether the government in Germany would be possible.

The president of the Higher Regional Court of important and vice-president of the German judges union, Joachim L├╝blinghoff said: “nothing is unimaginable.” The ruling is extremely important that the damage is proven.

“In the case of the presence of a tumor in the brain, we must be specialists, an oncologist, a neurosurgeon or other specialists who can interpret causal chain,” said the lawyer.

When the specialist come to the view that in the specific case, with the highest probability of use of mobile phones is crucial for the Sudan will therefore be full-proof to be submitted.

The evidence, however, can also be guided in the process of removal. However, this is problematic, since it is known that cancer also pure coincidence can occur.

Government should not be afraid to wait in case Romeo was a physicist and physician Paolo Crosignani experts that the judge had been advised. In the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” and warned the instructions are simple: “often depends on the risk, as is the case with many things, fat dose off.”

In the present case, two factors increase the risk extremely. Information in accordance with the Romeo I thought mostly old mobile phone, the higher the radio emits a frequency, of, for example, smart phones. The tumor was a rare form.

Romeo even said that he wants to rule the fear of the act. Did instead want to be responsible for dealing with the phone attention. (M)

Important note:This article contains only general information and should not for self-diagnosis or the treatment used. It’s not a substitute for a doctor’s visit.

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