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ENT doctors: an average of 30 ear injuries per day of cotton

Serious injuries: the ears should not be with the cotton cleaning swabs to be on the packaging of the survey indicate that this is not to clean the ears, but this warning is often ignored. This has consequences: according to a study comes out every day in the United States more than 30 children due to ear injuries due to the so-called Q-tips in the emergency room.

Not in the ear poke around: instead of something to eat. Photo: JPC-PROD – Fotolia

Not to clean the ears proper ear wax is the body the secretion of the body’s self-cleaning ears is used. It ensures that the skin stays in the ear canal smooth, and the acid mantle is maintained. So that also less germs can choose. Excess ear wax is moved through the tiny hairs of the ear in the outer ear canal. Many people try but with a cotton swab to help even though on the packaging for warnings such as “not for ear cleaning” is to be found. This can lead to serious injuries, a study from the USA shows.

Usually our ears clean themselves. Some people try but with a cotton swab to help. This can be dangerous. Anyone who tinkers around with a swab in the ear canal, risking injury. (Photo: JPC-PROD/ the ear canal and eardrum can be injured cotton buds are for ear cleaning is not suitable.

“Through a swab of the ear canal or the ear drum is irritated or injured,” said Dr. Doris Hartwig-bathing German Professional Association of ear, nose and throat doctors in the age of the message.

Such injuries often happen is shown in the study in the United States in the journal “Journal of Pediatrics” has been released.

About 30 violations per day on the assessment study team led by Dr. Kris Jatana from the Ohio State University data from the period between 1990 and 2010.

In this about 21 years of age about 263.000 boys and girls under the age of 18 years came to the emergency room in the United States can be due to infection with a cotton swab treatment. On year to 12,500 injuries or 34 in the equivalent day.

The majority of injuries (73 percent) was built according to the scientists while trying to clean the ears.

In ten percent of cases the situation in the play was happening, with a further nine per cent, the fall was to blame. Keep eight percent of the causes.

Although the injuries were not in most cases very severe, so that more than 99 percent of patients were able to go to treatment at home, however, Jatana and his colleagues warn against the use of a swab to clean the ear.

Ears clean themselves in the wisdom of the self “, we recommend cotton to clean the ear canals to use,” said Jatana, in an interview with the portal “medical research“.

The most common misconceptions that I’ve met in their career, that “the ear canals need to be cleaned regularly at home” and that you have to use “cotton”. “Both wrong,” said the expert.

“The ear canals are cleaned naturally,” said the doctor. “If you use the cotton swabs do not push the wax just closer to the ear drum, where it can be, but also the risk of injury.”

Sometimes the graft in the ear to form Hörverschlechterungen pressure problems pain in the ears, itching, noises in the ear and dizziness may result.

“If parents worry that in the ear of your child often leave your ear wax, you should consult a pediatrician or a specialist ear, nose and throat and treatment plan individual to create a” council Jatanas. (M)

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