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The new show concept in stroke: 53 the value of the minutes for the brain

German researchers develop a new concept of care of stroke in Germany every year about 270,000 people stroke. This disease is considered worldwide as the most common cause of permanent disability. German researchers are now developing a new concept of care for this precious time the brain.

Emergency room: capacity seems to be surpassed. Image: Monkey Business – Fotolia

Many deaths can be prevented each year, equivalent to more than a quarter of a million federal citizens of the stroke. This is one of the most common causes of death in Germany. Often neglected is: it hits younger people. This can be dangerous because the stroke is detected often late. However, quick action is vital. According to experts, have many of the deaths that can be preventedif the symptoms of stroke quickly identify those directly affected will be supplied. German researchers are now developing a new concept brings the value of time for the patient.

In stroke treatment, every minute counts. German researchers are now developing a new concept of care for this precious time the brain. (Photo: monkey business/ in stroke treatment every minute counts in stroke treatment, every minute counts! The longer the brain is not enough oxygen and nutrients, the more brain cells die. This leads to permanent restrictions. Stroke is considered worldwide as the most common cause of permanent disability.

The new show concept developed by a multidisciplinary team of stroke researchers at the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG), brings together 53 minutes of precious time on the brain.

According to the communication of the university organization and the Göttingen concept of operations of arrival of patients with stroke complaints in the emergency department for treatment.

According to figures of the style process for the treatment of acute stroke patients and then coordinate the responsibilities of the doctors involved, and identifies the most important pillars of the treatment measures is called the indicative times for the individual steps between arrival and treatment.

A systematic approach in the time between admission and treatment , the impact of a structured approach to the time between admission and treatment, as well as the patient’s complaints AG “clinical stroke research”, UMG evaluation of their results recently in the journal “PLOS ONE” published.

“Through the consolidation of operations and the organization of cooperation between individuals in the treatment of stroke participating hospitals can be reduced to a UMG time to treatment,” said Dr. Catherine Schregel, Institute of diagnostic and interventional neuro-radiology and first author of the publication.

“As a result, the degree of disability of stroke patients can be significantly reduced,” says Dr. Lehman of the clinic the nerves.

More than a minute to win by saving time of 53 minutes between the arrival of the patient in the emergency room treatment and also as a result of the treatment significantly improved:

A number of patients quite complaints after the lapping treatment has increased from 1.5 percent before the introduction of table 9.1 percent, according to experts.

At the same time, the number of permanent highly affected patients was reduced from 44.3 percent to 36.4 percent.

The Göttingen-based researchers want to improve the concept further. According to the data AG “clinical stroke research”, UMG is currently working on shortening the time between admission and treatment, and improve work processes. (M)

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