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Ill after a tick bite, the disease information you need to pay attention

Ticks are already active: the first Lyme disease reported although it is often thought that ticks only in the spring and summer can be dangerous, but a little bit of blood already at relatively low temperatures, active. This is also reflected in the reporting of diseases. In Brandenburg, there are already the first cases of Lyme disease.

With the onset of spring, ticks are active, which lever can move units such as TBE and Lyme disease. (Photo: Smileus/fotolia.Com)

Ticks also in cold temperatures the active ticks not only on the go when and cuddly, but even now relatively cool with temperatures. Although the risk is not be bitten by ticks, in cold weather less, because it is usually short green stuff on the road. However, should the sea after a stay in the nature. That small flag is already active, is also reflected in the cases of the disease in the state of Brandenburg.

Although they are outside all the cold, ticks in many areas already active. This can be seen in the cases of the disease. In Brandenburg, in the beginning, dozens of Lyme disease had been reported year to the cases. (Photo: Smileus/ dozens of Lyme disease reported to the Brandenburg Ministry of Health in Potsdam, divided according to a report from news agency dpa that since the beginning of the year, 64 cases of Lymedisease reported, tick-biting challenge.

According to the figures provided in the past year, a total of 1,547 Lyme disease notifications in the country.

According to the Ministry of Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in Europe. The occurrence, however, varies from region to region. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the transmission between humans is not possible.

The bacteria infection can lead to this disease is the infection of the bacteria by the bite of ticks in the human body which leads to infections can lead.

Symptoms according to the RKI information skin redness, fever, muscle and headaches to paralysis be. Some complaints may occur even after months.

If the disease remains undiagnosed and untreated, can lead to chronic damage, among other things, of the heart, nerves, and joints.

Against TBE there is a vaccine in addition to Lyme disease can ticks also tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is transmitted. This disease can be, especially in the elderly difficult. In about one-third of infected symptoms of the disease occur.

First of all, it comes down to flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting and dizziness.

Many of TBE patient, but also the development of the brain, meningitis or inflammation of the spine mark. In the extreme case, the disease is fatal.

TBE can not be a reason in the treatment by the doctors can only alleviate the symptoms. Against FSME vaccination is not available against Lyme disease. In the latter, however, can be used with antibiotic therapy.

From ticks to protect the experts advise as much as possible before the tick to protect. Ideally you stay with a walk on the trails. When hiking you should always remember to wear long pants to insert, when appropriate, the legs of pants into socks. Also, special sprays, the so-called repellent can keep the creepy crawlies away.

Then search after a stay in nature accurately and, if necessary, react quickly. After a tick bite is in a hurry. Because of the dangerous pathogens from eight to twelve hours, spread to the stitch in the bloodstream, can reduce the risk of infection significantly, if you found the tick early and remove them.

Who noticed after a tick bite, redness of the skin occurs at the injection site, should be immediately to the doctor. Because this is an indication of Lyme disease. (M)

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