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LSG: reimbursement for psychosocial care in the woman’s home on Hartz IV the person who receives this benefit

LSG food secures the financing of Hartz IV recipients to escape the Hartz IV-recipients against domestic violence in a women’s shelter, this must also in foreign institutions will be possible. The woman is responsible for integration in the labour market and psychological and Social Council to submit to the headquarters of the municipality of the wife’s costs this is generally decided by the social court (LSG) North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday, 25. April 2017, as published in the judgment (AZ.: L 6 1315/15). The Essenes law to secure the financing of women’s shelters.

In concrete terms called local integration of services. According to the legal provisions, municipalities are responsible for encouraging integration in the labour market. And debt and addiction counselling and psycho-social care, child care or home care of close relatives. Contact person for this integration of municipal services of the employment center often. Local cost carrier, but the cost of the municipality of residence of people in need of assistance to recover.

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In resolute the dispute went to the unemployment benefit-II-the person who receives this benefit, the beginning of 2011, along with three children as a result of domestic violence by the partner in the house outside of your place of residence fled. Generally, wife and children spent in the establishment of 114 days. There you have not only a roof over your head, as well as overseeing the psychological-social.

According to the concept of women’s House Association of women’s intervention in the crisis, and calls to address experiences of violence and separation situation, or assist in the search for an apartment and. Voluntary offering to help promote integration in the labour market.

The employment center has been pushed in the company dispute the woman’s home, the cost of this. Of the place of residence the country of women, the authority requested reimbursement for psychosocial care. Overall, it was 2.846 euro.

The property of the municipality refused to pay. It’s not a question of eligible costs. The house required a daily rate of psychiatric care in helping the needy woman at the height of 24.75 euros was too high. It will help on the financial year staff costs of the women in the house is unacceptable. As it is not possible, the high cost of care impact. Because the woman of the House nor in the place of residence of the women.

In its judgment of 24. November 2016, she explained that the LSG that the cost of oil to be returned to social welfare. With psychological support does not only mean that the psychiatric or psychological treatment interventions, but also a minimum level of services, which impact on their psychological state and social situation to stabilize and promote re-integration in the labour market. This claim support the concept of women in the region will meet.

It is also evident that with the Daily General Staff costs of women in the house, to be funded in the improper way.

According to the LSG decision must be women in women’s shelters outside of your residence protection in front of your partner. That the country on the care of the local rates do not impact, doesn’t matter, even LSG. One, you can build the appropriate structure of Regional Commission is seeking women, on the other hand, it must be assumed that also other municipalities to negotiate a local women’s shelter non-excessive daily rates. Because these communities are committed to the principle of economic efficiency.

Because of the importance of the basic tenets of the Essenes, the judge allowed the revision of the federal social court in Kassel.

In another case, the social Court of Munich had ruled that the woman of the houses can even require the repayment of the costs of accommodation and care if the machine was lightly loaded (Rule 22. June 2016, Az.: S 52 as 538/13; JurAgentur message of 5. September 2016).

The social Court of Braunschweig, also on the 9th. April 2014 clear that the Jobcenter will also need to pay the double-incurred accommodation expenses, once on the women of the house once in a previous apartment, which the rent amounts owed (AZ.: The 49 185/12, JurAgentur letter of 12. September 2014). fle/mwo

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