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Also, grandparents need pressing against whooping cough Co vaccinated

Grandma and grandpa: the recommendations of the governor’s grandparents when the child learned that not only the mother and father, but also the future grandparents of the vaccination status of the check. Intensive contact with initially unvaccinated grandchildren can be dangerous, experts warn.

Vienna researchers have developed a vaccine against the toxic shock syndrome and successfully tested. (Photo: fovito/fotolia.Com)

More and more whooping cough infections , the number of whooping cough infections in Germany in the past year to a new peak increased. Disease children and also in adults occur, especially to infants serious. The transfer of highly contagious infectious diseases is by droplet infection. “Youth and adults to play vector in the infant important,” writes Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on the site. You should also be vaccinated to avoid infection.

Grandson announced to achieve the potential grandparents, and vaccination status. For example, should be vaccinated against whooping cough, experts advise. (Photo: fovito/ The grandparents should be the improvement check the status of the prospective grandmothers and grandfathers, the following applies: if the grandchild know your vaccination status check. Due to the intensive contact with initially unvaccinated grandchildren should be on the side to be as safe as possible.

Wiebke bright people from the area of expertise Impfpr√§vention of the RKI declared in a letter to the news agency dpa: “there is a whooping cough of life in infants threat can go to the end of the grandparents vaccinated against it.”

According to experts, you can’t afford the smallest immediately. You have to rely on the people around them are vaccinated.

Every ten years, to the development of the triple “against whooping cough along with tetanus and diphtheria vaccine refrigerator,” explained bright people.

Because adults of any age it should be every ten years for tetanus and diphtheria vaccination, was the vaccination of climate. And even then, if it is less than ten years ago already against one of the diseases individually have been vaccinated.

For grandparents who are over 60 years old, recommend bright people in that annual influenza vaccination and vaccination against pneumococcal.

“The bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae in Europe, the main cause of bacterial pneumonia,” wrote RKI in communications to the revised recommendations of the Standing Committee on vaccination at the Robert Koch-Institute (STIKO).

Especially children under three years of age, people aged 60 years and above as well as children, adolescents and adults who are suffering from some underlying diseases, for example, people with HIV or suffering from chronic diseases in the heart or lungs is compromised accordingly. (M)

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