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Is obesity a disease? Doctors urge plan of action to combat obesity

The fight against morbid obesity: obesity is not a disease recognized by more and more people around the world suffer from overweight and obesity. In Germany alone in the year about seven million patients due to obesity treatment. However, obesity is not recognized in this country of the disease. Experts claim to more commitment.

Obesity is mainly due to the modern lifestyle characterized by low physical activity and a lot of food rich in energy. However, genetic factors also play a role in the emergence of obesity. The functions of the genes and biological mechanisms underlying it are largely unknown. (Figure: martesia bezuidenhout/fotolia.Com)

Obesity threatens the health of the World Health Organization WHO estimated that about 1.9 million people in the world suffer from overweight. Also Germany is getting fatter. This can be dangerous: in addition to the psychological and social impact of obesity (obesity) is mainly the result of strong disease restrict the quality of life and the life of the school. The so called experts now in the fight against obesity a National Action Plan for obesity.

The number of obese people in Germany is increasing. Obesity is not in this country, however, also recognized the disease. Experts are now demanding a national plan of action obesity. (Figure: martesia bezuidenhout/ is not a disease recognized “the fundamental problem is that the obesity in Germany and other countries, and the disease is not considered,” said the president of the German Obesity Society Matthias Blüher, according to a report by news agency dpa.

And obese for 20 to 40 follow-up diseases though the official.

So obesity is a risk factor for vascular and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease , or hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

In addition, increases the risk of joint degeneration (arthritis), fatty liver, type 2diabetesand cancer.

Through more exercise to reduce weight , according to health experts, be a minimum weight limit of significant positive impact.

In addition to a healthy low-calorie, low-fat diet and Sports will be very useful here. This burns calories only, but distributed constant hunger , as the British researchers reported.

The European Obesity Day which is held annually on the third Saturday in May (2017: 20. May) happen, which is celebrated this year for the sixth time. Around the working day, drew attention to the dangers and treatment options of obesity.

According to the pants, who runs the University of Leipzig, clinic of obesity, wax, a group of obese adults in Germany. (M)

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