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With proper handling beer or liquor: parents advice alcohol kids

Alcohol anxiety in children: experts advise parents though that have emerged in recent years that children and teenagers today drink less , but many parents are concerned that their offspring too much alcohol can. The telephone hotline of the health insurance company Dak-Gesundheit can parents advice from experts.

With children about alcohol and risks of open talk. Image: patrickjohn71 – Fotolia

Experts advise on the phone and excessive alcohol consumption seem at the present time the growth of the less popular a few years ago, but the cause of clear sound for everyone no. As a representative of the Parents Survey dark showed health-fifth of all parents in Germany are concerned that their children may drink a lot of alcohol. The health insurance system on 14. March to phone the hot line preparing the framework of experts to provide advice on this subject.

Many parents in Germany are worried that your children may drink a lot. The health insurance company Dak-Gesundheit is the telephone hotline, the expert on the subject advice. (Photo: patrickjohn71/ tens of thousands of teenagers because of alcohol poisoning to the hospital in the health of the fund in a letter written in 2015 at the national level, nearly 22,000 children and adolescents with acute alcohol poisoning to the hospital came.

According to scientists, the consumption of Alcohol of minors, largely from the parents affected.

What can parents do to protect their children from so-called over-drinking? As the alcohol-drinking mothers and fathers themselves, in order to considered a good example? When alcohol is consumed on health risky?

The answers to these and other questions will be parents in a telephone interview from the hot dark of Health. Medical experts advise on the 14. March between 8 and 20 O’clock. The services offered under the free phone number 0800 1111 841 able to use the insured of all the insurance companies.

Consumption of alcohol by parents has affected “with our hotline we will inform you mothers and fathers like you better with the issue of alcohol in their families to work,” said Andreas storm, chairman of the board of Dak-Gesundheit.

Alcohol consumption of children by the parents marked. In the case of regular alcohol consumption of parents increases even drink with their kids from the dangers of noise. “Like health insurance, prevention is very important to us, so we want to name the obvious risks, and providing assistance”.

Consulting, hotline and live chat on Facebook, in the case of Professor Reiner Hanewinkel, head of the Institute for therapy and health research on the latest results of the study.

“If we can delay young people engage in alcohol consumption to a few years of life, already had a positive effect,” says Hanewinkel.

According to the dark-the parent survey, 34 percent of parents currently leave their children in the fourteen or fifteen years of the taste of alcohol.

The correct handling of alcohol with children to practice some according to experts, parents should not only to bans or legal regulations, but also with their children dealing with alcohol practice.

What is meant here is that the offspring, for example, conveys the fact that alcohol is drunk on special occasions in the company, says Johannes Lindenmeyer, addiction expert and the founder of the project “rather than be smart from the Blue”.

The correct frame to learn this, it will be the birthday of the grandmother to young people under the age of 16 proceed under the supervision of the parents quiet time with a glass of sparkling wine. (M)

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