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The newly designed hydrogel with improved visible wound healing

New hydrogel pad better healing of chronic wounds in the case of smaller wounds, it is usually sufficient that a patch to stick or with simple home remedies to treat. In chronic wounds, is not, but often far. In such cases, can help in the future, the new hydrogel, the researchers have developed.

Wound healing in diabetes can be improved with the help of the secretion of the parasite significantly. (Photo: lirtlon/fotolia.Com)

Home remedies to cure and from minor to minor injuries often advice, with the king in the attempt because the salt water accelerates the healing of wounds. Some of it is also recommended that wounds with fresh garlic to treat. And in the case of superficial slightly damp the little bleeding wounds can zinc the best treatment. However, in chronic wounds, no more of these home remedies usually. Help you can be perhaps developed a new hydrogel, the researchers from Leipzig in Dresden.

For the treatment of chronic wounds and simple paving of roads and home remedies are usually not sufficient. Can help here is hydrogel pads advanced German researchers. This can speed up wound healing. (Photo: lirtlon/ new treatment options for chronic skin wounds, chronic wounds is one that wounds and after several weeks of not healing. You can, for example, as a result of diabetes or circulatory disorders are.

Researchers at the University Hospital in Leipzig, Leibniz-Institute Center for Polymer Research in Dresden e. V. Now jointly hydrogel dressings tested, glycosaminoglycans, a class of naturally occurring sugar molek√ľke and carbohydrates.

The hydrogels allow relieve inflammatory processes and open new treatment options for chronic skin wounds, according to communications from the University of Leipzig.

Search results now in the journal “Science Translational Medicine” published.

The migration of immune cells to stop the “chronic wounds can not be healed, they are in the level of immune cells from the blood in the wound get. With our dressing, we wanted to fight the cause of migration of immune cells to stop, so that the wound can be closed,” explained Dr. Sandra Franz chairman of the group working in Leipzig page.

And this is how it works: glycosaminoglycans can be applied in a hydrogel to the wound. That bind Chemokines, which are chemical messengers that immune cells use to attract again and again in the inflamed tissue.

The Chemokines bound to sugar molecules no longer interact. As a result, the continued migration of immune cells is prevented, and the wound can be closed.

According to the researchers, the dressings accelerated healing in an animal model of chronic skin wounds. On further testing the most promising material that could allow future application in human medicine.

In addition, it is expected that the basic concept can also be used to treat inflammatory diseases other occasion. (M)

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